Saturday, June 16, 2007

Measurements Day

Yesterday was measurements day, and while I'm a little disappointed that my results aren't as great as the previous fortnight, I'm still happy. I have lost another 2.5cms in total, although the scale weight really isn't changing much at all. Oh well, luckily I have realised that its not ALL about the scales!

Although I'm in week 4 of my challenge, I'm only into week 2 of weights. Friday morning is my favourite session - shoulders/bi's/tri's. I save that one for Friday because by Friday I am usually exhausted and dont wanna get out of bed to train - so by saving my favourite body parts for Friday I increase my chances of making it to the gym! (See? Up here's for thinking...)

I went up in my weights this week and am feeling a bit stronger too, despite being tired. I am always so tired on Friday, of course it has nothing to do with staying up late watching Heroes and Lost! LOL! Speaking of which, why oh why did they have to put the only two TV shows I ever watch on one-after-another on one night??? Dont these people KNOW that I need to get to bed early to get my beauty sleep?????

A few posts ago I said I'd post some pictures of some of my drawings... so here they are...

Have a great weekend everyone!


Kimmy said...

Wow they are amazing - you are very talented - I can only draw stick figures :) Kimmy

Kerry said...

i wish I had your talent, Hilary. They are fantastic. Do you draw from the heart or off a photo? I could have a job for you if it is the latter.

Rachel said...

You are soo talented Hilary - wow! It will be an achievement for me to teach Zach to colour-in when the time comes!

Kristy said...

Hilary I love the pictures. You are very talented. I would love to be able to draw.

Bec said...

Wow, they are beautiful, you have some amazing talant there Hilary!!! keep it up.


Nat said...

Lost is my favourite TV show too!
I am addicted.
Those are great pictures Hilary, I wish i had the ability to draw.

Ali said...

Hilary they are great!!!

Hope your tummy is well and truly better :)

Ali xxx