Monday, June 11, 2007

I love long weekends

Gotta love long weekends, 3 days of sleeping in... *bliss*!!!

Yesterday I felt like I was coming down with something - I did nothing but blow my nose, sneeze and feel like crap. And cos I was swallowing so much snot all day, my stomach was upset too. (too much info????!!) Today I'm feeling much better, though still a bit low in energy. I thought I'd be a lazy bum today and see if some extra rest makes me feel better. I'm beginning to think its just a bit of hayfever or an allergy due to the change in weather.

Made myself laugh on Saturday... I was in BIG W and they were doing one of those demonstrations... you know where they do a promo for some dinki-di knife set, but everyone that comes to watch gets a FREE paring knife... just for watching! BUT WAIT! If you buy one of these knifes, which never needs sharpening, and which normally retails for $30, we'll throw in ANOTHER knife for a measly $3!! Thats $60 value for just $33! PLUS we'll give you a THIRD knife absolutely free, and we'll also throw in TWO paring knives, a filleting knife, and TWO citrus-squeezy-thinga-ma-jigs - ALL FOR $33!!!!.

I stood there the whole time, smiling smugly to myself and thinking "I'm just here for the free paring knife... I'm not buying anything... I'm just here for the free knife..."
You can guess what happened. When he finished his demonstration he held the knife sets out I saw my hand reaching out for one, yep... I got suckered in. So I am now the proud owner of a set of "Forever Sharp" knives... I laughed at myself for the rest of the day!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend!


Selina said...

LOL!!! HOpe your knives are doing a super good job!!! ;)

Hilds said...

He he he, that's so funny! I remember when I used to work in pubs and finished late and used to come home and watch those infomercials coz there was nothing else on. Its amazing how some things start to look so good after you've been brainwashed! Hope their super sharp knives.

Splice said...

LMAO..too funny. Perhaps you should have stayed in bed.
Boy it was freezing on Saturday brrrrr.

Ali said...

LOL !!I had to laugh at that post Hilary because I have done exactly the same things in Woolies down here a while back now, the knives are pretty good I think especially the brad knife it cuts through my chicken fillets length wise wonderfully :)

Ali xx

LizN said...

too funny Hilary :) Enjoy your knives~!

Rachel said...

Ah you sure Tim Shaw wasn't there??? LMAO