Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Smashin' it

Back into the weights room this week, and boy are my muscles loving it!  Legs on Monday, and I was busy pulling ugly-faces and grunting the entire time.  One guy at my gym calls it "porno face"... I dont know about that though, I think he must be doing it wrong!!!!   Drop sets on leg extensions really cained, and smith machine lunges made me see black spots in my eyes between sets.  I followed that up with 20 minutes on the cross trainer, and then when I got home last night I did another 20 mintues alternating jogging/walking on the treadmill, which near killed me!.  LOVING IT!!  I really missed jogging for 6 weeks, but now I need to get my stamina back to where it should be. 

Got up with sore legs this morning and did back and shoulders. I'm horrified at how my strength has diminished in these last 6 weeks.  I dropped my weights back and STILL really struggled to make 8 reps, let alone 10!  Patience... patience...

I love the start of the week cos my energy levels are high after catching up on all my sleep on the weekends.  My goal this week is to be in bed by 9.30pm each night, and I'm going to have a nice soothing Chamomile tea just before I hit the hay... that should see me snoozing in no time.  Was in bed last night by 9.20pm, but unfortunately Miss Elke decided that 3am was the best time to start barking and chasing wildlife through our yard...   When she did it for the second time in 10 minutes, my OH decided that the best course of action was to scream "ELKE!!!!!!   SHUUUUUT UUUPPPPP!!!" ... so if I wasn't fully awake before that, I certainly was afterwards!

I have just ordered some BSN Lean Dessert Protein Powder online today, and I cant wait to get it!  I'm like a kid at Christmas when I receive a box of supplements!

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.”
- Abraham Lincoln


Lozza said...

lol 'porno face' - what the?

Oooh your poor legs - atleast everytime you sit you are reminded of how hard you work :)

Don't stress too much bout your strength - you'll be back up there in no time!

Kaddy said...

LOL yay ur back!! lol re the supplements order... i love new stuff too!

u'll be strong as an ox b4 u know it :)

u go grrl!

Selina said...

LoL, i bet we're feeling about the same right now... sore and sorry! After a few weeks off strength just disappears into thin air. or something.
I lurve ordering supps too, what site did u get yours from??

LizN said...

Ooh I love packages :) in the mail. Know how you feel about leg training :)