Monday, June 25, 2007


Thanks so much to everyone for all your comments on my stomach issues, your support really means a lot to me.  It took until Thursday for me to feel back to 100%, and even then I was lacking in energy and motivation.  I was a bit loathe to train because I was worried that it would set my stomach off again, also it's been really cold in Brissie lately and I was enjoying being able to sleep in!!  Last week was all about eating soft, unspiced and easily digestible foods, and I also ate more carbs than I normally do (mashed potato, rice etc) and a bit less protein.  I dont think its too much of an issue - I'd rather it take a little longer to reach my goals than to risk it and have those stomach pains again.  I'm now back to my normal nutrition plan, but just being careful.  

So anyway, it seems that having a week off training has done wonders for me - I even did a PB on leg press this morning!  I powered through my leg workout and then got on the cross trainer with the wobbliest legs - I think I'm gonna be sore tomorrow! 

My weekend was busy, had my hair cut on Saturday morning - got a "disconnected/asymmetric bob" (longer at the front than it is at the back).  How good is this:  my hairdresser has just won a hairdressing award at a Sydney hair expo (so, she's good!!), and she does my hair at her house and charges $20 for a cut.  I'm STOKED!!  I am never paying a fortune for my hair ever again!!

Our bedroom is now fully painted, and we have a carpet man coming tonight to give us a quote - once the carpet is down we can move back in!  I'm sooooo excited!  Now we just need to find a plumber so we can get our ensuite done!

Thats it from me, train hard everyone!


Kelly said...

Hi Hilary,
I just left the longest comment and blogger logged me out because I was signed in on our new blog (one about OS). So here goes again.
I'm glad you're feeling better in the belly. It wouldn't be nice, Kane had something similar three years ago and he ended up getting down to 66kg, very scrawny for a bloke!!!!

Are you making your way down to Melb for INBA? If not I may be up your way mid-July, would you like to meet up for coffee at some stage if possible?

Take care of yourself,

Nat said...


Happy to hear you are feeling better :) and yippee that your bedroom is almost ready!

Kaddy said...

HOW EXCITING!! new refreshed room! glad to hear your feelin better

Amy said...

Glad you are feeling lots better. I went through a similiar thing last year and had all the tests and everything you did. It is so awful so I really felt with you. Take care

Michelle said...

Glad you are on the road to recovery!

I always wanted a friend who did hair - *sigh*

I'm jealous:)

XX - Michelle