Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cool hand Luke...

My wonderful OH bought me a "present" off ebay last week. All week he teased me about and wouldn't tell me what it was. And although as much as my curiosity was sparked, I wasnt about to spoil the surprise by logging onto MyEbay and see what he'd bought! He's bought me lots of stuff from ebay in the past, usually something lacey, if you catch my drift. So this time I was expecting more of the same, laughing to myself because lingerie is really more a present for HIM, not me!!!!

So last Friday I got home dead tired from a crappy day (and week) at work, and my beloved had finished work early, come home and not only worked on the house renovations, but also had done all the washing (AND hung it out on the line) and tidied up the house. He also had the fire lit, and welcomed me home with a big cuddle.

AND - my present had arrived! He'd bought me a copy of the DVD "Cool Hand Luke", because a few weeks ago I'd been saying what a great old movie it was... isn't he sweet!? Romance to me isn't flowers and expensive dinners, its as simple as doing something nice for the other person (like the washing that I was going to spend ALL Saturday doing) and remembering little things and surprising me with them. I'm so lucky to have him, he spoils me so much!

So then we watched Cool Hand Luke that night and I kept thinking "OMG was Paul Newman hot stuff or WHAT??!!!!" Good movie too. :) I was quoting lines off it all weekend (such a nerd, arent I??? LOL!)

Aaaanyway, after my "rest" (read: laziness) last weekend, I'm back training hard. I did back and chest this morning, which I have to be honest, its my least favourite day. Actually, its just back that I dislike. Followed it with 30 minutes cardio. Did a 20 minute jog on the treadmill last night, which saw me red faced and feeling like puking for the rest of the night - not good when you have to start preparing dinner shortly after! Tomorrow morning the plan is a Body Attack class. I have had to strap my foot tonight in preparation for Attack tomorrow morning - my bloody arches are playing up again...

And for all you State of Origin watchers out there... GO QUEENSLAAAAAAAAND!!!!! Have a great night!


Kaddy said...

OMG does he have a clone? brother? anyyyyyyyone?

lol - that sounds awesome! what a sweet heart! sometimes the simple things in life are most often the bast!

Janew said...

Hi Hilary :)
WOW what a gorgeous man you have! So nice and thoughtful of him.

Great to hear you back training and loving it!!

and yes Im hanging to get to QLD as I am soooo over this cold!

jane xo

Ali said...

What a thoughtful guy, hang on to him Hilary!!! You are so right it is the little things in life that matter,......Don't think I have ever seen that movie, will have to when time permits.

Hope your arches don't continue to play up, how come they do?


little rene said...

Definately Hilary!

My husband never buys me flowers or celebrates Valentines Day or anything like that, but I only have to mention that I am cold in the bathroom and "walah" he is up in the ceiling installing heat lamps or if I mention something that I think I would like in the garden he gets straight onto it!

I love it and would never want him any other way :)

Di Broeren said...

Aaaaawwww, gotta love a thoughtful sensitive man : ) Sounds like you've got a good catch there Hilary! Wonderful to hear.


Magda said...

What a lovely treat you lucky girl. Enjoy!!


Nat said...

Oh that is so so sweet!
Unexpected little gestures are the best. Your a lucky woman :)

Kristy said...

Your partner really is sweet and it is the little thoughtful things that means so much to us.

By the way Hilary, just wondering with your pro photos that you had taken. You mention that you got he proofs included. Were these a hard copy or on cd and did you have to pay extra for it. Also did you buy many of your photos through the photographer?