Monday, July 02, 2007

Week 7 already

Wow my challenge is now in week 7 already!!  How fast is this year going?!!

Despite a few stumbles in the last few weeks, and that week of not training due to my stomach problems, I'm still ploughing along.  My weekend was VERY controlled food-wise, and my only issue was not drinking enough water.  Only 1.5 litres each day - terrible, terrible.  Still, this no-alcohol thing really helps me stay on track.  I find it hard though - I LOVE a glass of wine on Saturday night!    I did my measurements this morning and the damage isn't too bad.  No earth shattering results, but at least I havent gained centimetres.  Weight is about the same.

It was 6 degrees outside when I got up for gym this morning, and it was 13 degrees in my kitchen (a house under renovation is not a warm house).  I have taken to wearing a scarf to the gym but I draw the line at gloves.  It takes a full 5 minutes of driving for my car's heater to warm up, and by then I'm only another minute or two away from the gym - just enough time to defrost!!  I did legs and shoulders this morning - I did another PB on leg press - 130kgs, 3 sets of 10.  I was so impressed with myself, but I think I strained something in my hammie as a result - well something went "twaaaang" in my leg.  I was really grunting though this too, but I felt strong.   I'm surprised at how much I've increased in weights in leg press lately - a couple of weeks ago I would have told you that I couldn't lift more than 100kgs.  Its funny how we are actually a lot stronger than we think - its just a matter of pushing yourself further than you think you can.  I wish I had a training partner, a spotter would really help.

Anyway, looking forward to have a great week - my goal is to do 3 weights and 6 cardio sessions this week!  Happy Monday everyone!


Amy said...

Have a great week Hilary!! I absolute hate winter. I do not like the cold.

Ali said...

Hils sounds like your training is going very well, 130kgs!! thats awesome!!

It has been very cold here as well, I started back at the gym 6.30am this week after a break, and my goodness....lets just say I try not to think about it just DO IT!!! hehe

have a great week


Pip said...

Your leg pressing result impresses me Hilary, - as for your ability to abstain from wine!

New PB's in training are always really motivating I think, - well done!!! Keep up the fab work!