Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My hair

Since I got my hair cut a few weeks ago, I've had some interesting comments. I didn't think it was that different - its just a bob which is longer at the front than it is at the back, with an orange stripe down the right side. I have just been told that its a "Pob" aka Posh Spice's Bob.

One older woman at work thought she ought to tell me that the hairdresser had forgotten to put an orange stripe down the OTHER side. I thought she was joking... she was serious.

Another woman came up to me and asked "I HAVE to ask you, is your hair a little bit... well... um... it looks like it might be a little bit longer at the front than at the back...". I assured her that it was cut that way deliberately. She then said "OH that's good - I was a bit worried that you might not know!!" Ummmm ... seriously?

OH doesn't like it that much - he liked it long. After I got it cut he smirked sarcasticly when I asked him what he thought, and then said... "it looks... nice" *smirk* One night at dinner he was staring at me, and said "I've just remembered what your hair cut reminds me of." I replied "Dont tell me if its going to upset me". He said "Its a 'Pulp Fiction' hair cut. Like Uma Thurmans hair in that movie". I didn't know how to take this comment, and I still dont!!!!

I've been thinking about some of my wilder hair-do's that I've had in the past. I havent done anything outlandish for a few years. I always had a blue or red stripe, or coloured my whole head purple. I think the only colour I haven't had is green. I'd grow it long then cut it all off. Or I'd get it bleached white blonde, and then 2 months later decide that I wanted it black. People used to ask me if I'd got it done that way "as a dare?" LOL!!! I changed it constantly for years! OH used to say that he loved it because he felt like he was getting a new girlfriend every 3 months! Although I did have some shockers. I remember one time I wanted to have hair like Halle Berry in Swordfish. It was really REALLY short - it really suited her - but unfortunately it did nothing for me. In fact, it was awful. I think I cried.

But anyway, it grows, thats the main thing. I think I'm getting old though - suddenly I care what people think of my hair and I seem to be losing my adventurous streak. Although I do love my orange stripe...

I'm having a fantastic week this week - this morning I did back and chest. Last week I struggled to do all the sets and reps, this week I reached goal reps on almost all exercises! We're going up in weights next week! Woo! Have a wonderful day!


Janew said...

Hi Hilary,its hard not to let people get to you when so many are making comments, but if you like your hair thats the important thing here.I always think that people who feel they have to commment usually are the people that wish they could be daring and want to be like you :)
Great to here your training is going so well, keep up the awesome work!
jane xo

Alicia said...

LOL you sound like my sister! She changes her hair every few months as well - in fact she's just gone from dark brown to baby blonde!

Ali said...

My sister also changes her hair colour regularly, I say each to their own and if you like it that is really all that matters ;)

good to hear that you are having such a great week training wise, funny how some weeks are a blast and others can be a bit of a struggle,

take care,


Selina said...

LOL!!! too funny!!! I say go with whatever you want :P If ppl critise my hair, makes me want to keep it like that deliberately :P
I think we should see a pic of this do that's got tongues wagging!!!