Monday, July 23, 2007


I've been M.I.A. lately - well I was in Sydney early last week for a course (freezing my butt off too!) so with the change in weather, sitting on a plane next to people coughing and sniffling, and then people at my own office dropping like flies with colds and flu's, I got sick! Yes, once again I am snot queen!

So since I've been sick I haven't been training. And since I havent been training I havent had much to blog about.

Now I'm a big believer in thinking positively, and positive self talk and all that... so I've been using this approach over the last week. I could be spotted at work or at home muttering to myself "C'MON - FIGHT THIS COLD!!!!" or "YOU CAN BEAT THESE GERMS!!" and just generally giving myself pep talks, telling myself I'm not gonna get sick etc. I've even been thinking about the nasty little germs in my body, and imagining the good bacteria as little army men with machine guns, and them shooting down the bad germs.

After using this approach I woke up this morning with swollen glands in my throat, and sore inner ears. I guess I'll go back to the salt-water gargles instead!!

So... not much else to report! I took a sickie today and have just finished watching "Miss Potter" on DVD, what a lovely/weepie movie. We are hoping to go see Transformers this weekend, everybody seems to be raving about it at the moment.

Well thats about it, have a wonderful week everyone!


jodie said...

Get better Hils, together we can beat this snot!

Kelly said...

Didn't you just love Miss Potter? I thought it was great :)

Michelle said...

Hope you feel better soon!

XX - Michelle

Ali said...

Hope you feel better as soon as possible!!

My kids mates where saying transformers was great! did you go see it?


Kaddy said...

hiya! just dropping by quickly to let you know we're on the new blog

back in to the swing of things

LizN said...

Hope you're feeling better soon Hilary :)

Liz N

Lozza said...

Looks like everyone is sick! Hope you get better soon - remember lot's of rest! xx