Monday, July 09, 2007

Feeling good

I had a fantastic weekend this weekend.  So proud of myself for staying 100% on plan, and didn't really have a free meal.  Actually my "free" meal was a stir fry with rice (dont normally have carbs at dinner) so I did well.  I was feeling so great on the weekend - after a week of niggling stomach pain and reflux it was sooooo good to have no pain!

I woke up on Saturday morning with a plan of attack.  I have decided to try a low-gluten lifestyle and see how this makes me feel.  I did say LOW gluten, not gluten-free.  I bought some gluten free stuff on Saturday, and I'm feeling pretty good so far!  I dont eat a lot of bread/pasta anyway, but I have noticed that when I do have one of these stomach attacks, I've usually eaten wheat.  Anyway, it cant hurt, so we'll see how it goes.

I have also cut out all coffee, tea, chocolate, spicy food, citrus fruit and tomatoes - as these all increase stomach acid.  Yeah I'm going to be a misery to be around!!  LOL!

So the rest of the weekend was great - we got a great deal on an inverter air-conditioner for the new bedroom.  We got our feature (brick) wall in the lounge lacquered so its GLEAMING.  On Sunday we went to visit my parents and scored some of their 3 year old carpet (mum's decided she wants timber floors - so we got free carpet!), and tomorrow we are getting some brand new carpet laid in our bedroom and lounge room, and they will lay the freebie carpet in our new 4th bedroom.  Once the carpet is laid we are moving back in to our main bedroom... I cant wait... the bedroom is HUGE!! (6m x 6m!)  Will post pics as soon as I can.

Other than that, nothing new to report.  I have to go to Sydney next Sunday for a two day training course - which is a shame cos otherwise I would have been going down to Melbourne to watch the comp.  But... you cant knock back training opportunities I guess.  Maybe I'll get to go again next year - last year was such a blast!

Anyway, have a great week everyone, stay strong!


Nat said...

Cant wait to see the before and after photos of your renovations, my hat goes off to you for your patience throughout the whole thing :)

Selina said...

Hope the new diet goes well. That sux bout the no-chocolate part ;)
Have fun on your training course!!

Ali said...

I'm looking forward to the before and after pics of your house renovations,

I also wish you were able to come to Melbourne!! there is always next time.

Glad you are feeling so much better, and will be interesting if the low gluten diet helps


Kaddy said...

am kacking myself over the hair comments... CLASSIC! glad ur feeling better!

RaeC said...

Roight then... only question you need to ask yourself over the hair cut and that is do you like it? If the answer is yes, then that's all there is to it... LOL!! As for saying that it looked like Uma's in Pulp Fiction, take that as a compliment my girl... how hot was she in that movie? I actually toyed with the idea of getting my hair cut like that after I saw the movie.

I am glad they caught the glaucoma in time... at least now you can monitor it.

Congratulations on the successful weekend and you have a great week too!! xxx