Thursday, March 08, 2007

*Waving*... from Townsville

Well here I am again, Townsville, Far North Queensland.   This is the place where all my body woes began, I spent a very large part of 2004 here, and put on a lot of weight due to eating and drinking too much, stress, and not exercising enough.    This is where I improved on my "muffin top" look!  This is also where I developed my "wine makes it all better" motto too... ;-)   it was bad news all round!

I'm here for work again, and this is the first time I've been back since 2004.  I was a little bit apprehensive about coming back too.  I know you cant blame a location for adding to your issues, but I guess that's what I was doing.  Anyway, here I am, and I'm doing ok.  I know I am a lot stronger, both physically and mentally since I was last here - so there can be no excuses anymore.

Yesterday I was soooo hungry!   I just wanted to eat everything in sight, but I ate only what was planned - although I was probably a little light-on for protein.  Went out for a huge jog along the Strand yesterday afternoon for 50 minutes (OMG it was so HOT - my head felt like a furnace, and even the breeze off the ocean was hot!), and then went out for dinner.  My resolve broke a little at dinner and I had some white wine, but resisted a few other things that I was tempted with.  I dont know what it is about bloody travelling that makes me weaken!!  It makes me so angry with myself!

Anyway, today WILL be much better.  I have bought myself a diet coke to have with dinner (room service) and all my meals are in the fridge at the office ready to go - so no excuses!  Home tomorrow night - and back to normality.

This time next week I will be having my first eye operation!!!!  (trying not to think about it or I will chew my nails down to the knuckle)

Hope everyone is having a great week.  Unfortunately I cant read blogs while I'm away  :(


LizN said...

Dear Hilary,

Best of luck with the eye op next week. I agree, travelling can be a real bear when it comes to good food choices.


Ali said...

Hils your ring is gorgeous!! and yes I also agree that traveling can be hard to stay focussed with food, I have to make a conscious effort and somehow associate travel with food treats. hehe


jodie said...

Hey Hils
You are so much stronger than you were back then, remember that. Good luck with your eye op, it will be fine, I am sure.

Selina said...

fHey hils!
Hope you enjoyed T'ville!! The strand is really nice, would have made your time fly :) Don't fret too much bout your food, you're home now and all will be back to normal :)
HOpe you have a nice weekend :)

RaeC said...

You will be more than fine in Townsville honey. You are a totally different person to the one I met way back when ;o)

Your whole mindset has changed so there is no way you will ever be the other Hilary who hit Townsville in 2004. The new and improved Hilary will stick to her goals no matter what xxx