Thursday, March 01, 2007


Here is my engagement ring!!

In its box...

On my finger!

So exciting to finally pick this up last night! I've only had it about 12 hours, but I cant stop gazing at it! I was watching Heroes last night, and during each ad break I kept looking at it (my OH was having a few peeks at it too - he's quite impressed with himself!) and even when I was flossing my teeth last night I caught myself gazing lovingly at it... hehehehe :) The novelty will take a little while to wear off I think!

Yesterday I did my measurements, since it had been two weeks since my last weigh-in. I wasn't going to do it, since my frame of mind over the last few days has been less than positive. Well I did it anyway, and was quite surprised by the results. My scale weight hasn't changed since a fortnight ago, but a couple of my measurements have dropped by a centimetre, and a couple of skinfolds have reduced too. Particularly surprising as I've been less than perfect, especially in the last few days. My total bodyfat has dropped a whole percent too (whoopee!) - well, a loss is a loss...
Today I have the day off work, as I'm going in to have the laser iridotomies in my eyes. I am FREAKING out but I'm sure it will be a piece of cake (!!!!) Think of me... getting holes drilled into my eyes....


Magda said...

Hi Hilary,

my name is Magda and I've been following your blog, along with many of the figure girls. I just wanted to say congratulations and tell you how beautiful your engagement ring is.



little rene said...

The novelty of staring at your rock may never wear off Hilary! I have almost had mine for 4 years and I still stare at it constantly!Having a cracker of a diamond makes you love the sun!!

Congratulations, it is a beautiful ring :)

Anonymous said...

Simply gooooorgous, and the novelity never wears off when you're in love! ;o) xx

Selina said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!!! My sis has one just the same, hers in white gold too! It looks so pretty on your fingers!!
Hope your 'downer' is looking up. Those lulls are horrible to try climb out of!
ANd as for your eyes, hope they heal up quick!!

jodie said...

Your ring is beautiful!! I love it Hils. I hope your eye op goes well. Thinking of you xxxx

Kerry said...

All the other girls are right Hilary, the novelty won't wear off.
It is beautiful and you both should be as happy as you are about it.
Love to you both,

RaeC said...

Whoooooeeee!! Now that is a WHOLE lot of bling... LOL!! Was thinking of you with your eye op and hope everything went well... has the Dr told you that you can't look at your ring for a week because it might strain your eyes coz it's too sparkly??? Have a great weekend hon xxx

Michelle said...

It's beautiful Hil!!

XX - Michelle

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

And, its even more sparkly and stunning in person. Great to see you today Hilary! You look so happy :)

(oops, double posted!)

Chontelle said...

Hi Hilary,

Your ring is absolutely stunning!!!! Congratulations! I am so happy for you! And I do find myself still staring at my engagement ring after 6 years (reminds self to get it properly cleaned), so I agree that the novelty doesn't wear off!

Chontelle xx

Andj said...

Georgous! You lucky girl. It is all so exciting for you!
Hope the laser surgery all goes well.
It would to be great to catch up with you sometime soon.
are you going to go and watch the INBA comp in April?

Splice said...

I agree with everyone "it's stunning" :-)

It suits you!