Thursday, March 15, 2007

Surgery Delayed :(

Today was meant to be the big day, but unfortunately my eye surgery has been postponed.  The lenses havent turned up yet!!!!   Disappointed :(  - and the worst thing is they cant tell me when they're going to turn up.  So I have no idea at this point if its going to be days, weeks or months.  I'm hoping it doesn't stop me from participating in Phat Camp.

Tuesday morning I did something different at the gym - Body Balance.  I've always wanted to try one of these but was a bit worried about "wasting my time" at the gym.  By that I mean: I generally feel that if I'm not lifting weights, doing some kick-arse cardio, or just generally getting my heart rate up and getting sweaty, then I'm not working hard enough.  Body Balance was different - lots of stretching, holding poses, yoga type stuff, and even had a bit of meditation/relaxation at the end where you just lie there and drift away!  I liked it, I got quite warm and had a VERY light sweat, and it was great to add something a little bit different to my week.  Not sure I'll make it a regular thing though - I still feel a bit like I wasted an hour!

This morning I did the new Body Attack... talk about cardio blast!

I have been 100% spot on with my nutrition, and I am so happy with myself.  It has been a full-on week - and some long days at work.   When I found out I was going to have my surgery postponed I was sooo disappointed, and I really wanted to have a glass of wine.  It was tough, I even went and got a bottle out of the wine rack.  Then I thought "This is ridiculous - I cant have a glass of wine every time something shitty/upsetting/disappointing happens... so I put the bottle back (unopened) and had a glass of diet soft drink instead.   Victory to me!!!!  (hope this doesn't make me sound like an alcoholic!)

On that happy note, I'm off!  Stay strong!!!!


Shar said...

Hi Hilary
Bummer about your eye surgery!

Now about classes...... I teach both Bodybalance and Bodyattack. I used to have the same mental thing with going to the gym, I needed to sweat, push, pant, pull, grunt etc etc to have made it worth it and anything else didn't cut it.
I wont get on my Bodybalance Soap Box but that type of class for someone that is always pushing hard is soooo important in many ways, after all it isnt called a "mind Body' class for nothing, I suppose its whether you can justify the gym time?
Now Bodyattack on the other hand will always drive you to a total cardio workout and have you feeling like you really achieved something.
Anyway, hope you get news about your eyes soon.
Shar x

jodie said...

Hey Hils
Sorry to hear your eye op has been postponed. Hope its soon so you can get it over and done with. And great victory over the wine too.


Splice said...

Oh that's a bummer. And not knowing when the lenses are due to show up doesn't help.
Hopefully they will show up next week :-)
Im so glad your coming to the Female Fusion, I can't wait to catch up with you again.
Well done on the wine.

Selina said...

Ohh that sux about your eyes!!!

I'd be the same with Body Balance, but I do understand what Shar's getting at :)

Haven't tried the new Body Attack yet, hopefully next week :)

Noice work on the wine!!
Have a lovely weekend!

Michelle said...

Oooo - so much planning - and now...... how TRULY frustrating!!!

Everything happens for a reason.....

XX - Michelle

Kerry said...

Bad luck about the surgery Hilary. Good things come to those who wait, apparently.
Well done on the wine.

little rene said...

Sorry to hear about the surgery delay!

But "Yay" on the victory over comfort drinking!

Have a great week :)

Magda said...

Hi Hilary,

hang in there for that eye surgery and dont let it get you down. And especially dont let that bottle of wine win either. Well done on splurging on the diet soft drink.



Tracey said...

sorry to hear about the delay in surgery.

u seem to be doing so well at the moment hilary, job well done.

Hilary said...

Thanks Shar - point taken! I have done another class and although I still dont really like it, I know its doing me good!

Thanks Jodie, cross your fingers it wont be long!

Deb it will be great to see you again, and I'm looking forward to being all motivated again seeing you on stage!

Selina I hope you liked the new body attack - I thought it was pretty good!

Thanks Michelle, its difficult for me to be philosophical, but I'm working on it!

Thanks Kerry - I hope so!

Rene its winning those small battles that make you feel great isnt it! Way to go to you too!

Thanks Magda, felt pretty good putting that bottle back! And the diet softdrink was just as good.

Thanks Tracey, keep your fingers crossed that it happens soon!

Hilary xx

buffmumof2 said...

Hi Hilary,

I am glad to see I am not the only one who doesn't do balance/yoga etc as it doesn't feel like a real workout !! I have tried them but feel better after a good run or hard weights session. Now I know I am not the only one out there !!