Sunday, March 25, 2007

Photographic Evidence...

Here is the photographic evidence that I DID wear a dress to our friends wedding on Friday! I was totally not comfortable all night, but hey - me in a dress only happens once every few years so I guess its not all bad! It was lovely to have half a day off on Friday, and the wedding was at a winery so it was even better :)

Tonight I am cooking OH's favourite meal - Beef Wellington, roast vegetables and yorkshire puddings. This will be my last free meal for a few weeks - I'm going on a self-imposed lockdown. I really need to work on some new fitness goals because at the moment I feel like I'm just marking time. If I dont have any direction then I tend to get a little sloppy, and that makes me feel yuk.

I'm still waiting patiently (yeah right!!) to find out when my eye operation is going to be, so until that happens I cant work on any big goals. So to get me through to the op, I will now turn my focus onto weekly goals. That way I've still got something to focus on, without committing myself to anything long-term.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and have a great week this week! I'm off to do my ironing... :(


jodie said...

I love your dress Hil's, it is gorgeous. You look stunning in it. Hey you better get used to wearing a dress, with your wedding coming up!! I know what you mean about having goals and direction. I need them too.

RaeC said...

OMG... sex on legs!! And I'm talking about you honey even though your fiance isn't half bad either ;o)

You looked amazing and it sounds like life has been very full and busy for you lately!! Great to see you are still fitting in the training though... Go Hilary!! xxx

Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary,

That dress looks stunning, I am surprised you don't wear them more often!

I need direction too, I am not doing great with the food/ exercise lately either. You look awesome though.

I hope you hear about your operation soon :)


Splice said...

You should definatley wear a dress more often Hilary. You look gorgeous and feminine, it suits you.

Sam D-M said...

Hey Hil,

You look gorgeous in a dress!! I bet OH thought the same ;-)

Yo hear you on the goals issue. I think we all need to keep them.


little rene said...

I agree with everyone else, you look FANTASTIC!

I do sympathise though because I am not a dress girl either :)

Hilds said...

I bet after all the great compliments you'll be wearing a dress more often, you look great! I know what you mean though I always go for comfort over glamour always takes a special occassion for me to wear a dress! I hope you find out about your surgery soon.
Hope you find some motivating goals!

Rachel said...

Beautiful Hilary! You sound like you're in a great routine right now!