Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New hairdo, new dress & new shoes!

It has taken me three days to type this post!!!!! Very busy at the moment...

Had myself a little shopping spree on the weekend. Got my hair chopped off on Saturday (am now about 3 inches shorter), dark brown, and re-did my orange stripe. Then I had to buy a dress - we're going to a wedding on Friday and the dress code is "Cocktail"... what the hell does that mean?! I dont get out much! I had to ask the sales chicks what "cocktail" meant!

I seriously hate wearing dresses... I've never been a dress kinda girl. Give me shorts or jeans any day - occasionally I do wear skirts, but I just hate dresses! It means I have to sit like a 'lady' for one thing - lol! Plus I just feel weird not having a waistband. Strange, aren't I? :)

Aaaanyway, after trying on every single dress in the whole shopping centre, I finally found one. Its not exactly "cocktail" because its not a satin material (its kinda like a crepe material) - halter neck, cream with a red pattern, and knee length. So I brought it home and showed OH, who promptly said "you dont have any shoes that go with that - you need to buy red shoes"!!!! Can you believe it???? He ACTUALLY TOLD me that I need to buy more shoes!!!! So of course I went back to the shopping centre and bought TWO pairs... some red strappy heels for the wedding, and a back pair with kitten heel for work.

Had to get the new (flat) work shoes because of some problems I'm having with my feet. For the last few months, every time I get out of bed I have this shooting pain through my arches and my heel, which gradually dies down to the point where I can walk without hobbling. If I sit for any length of time my feet seize up too. So it was either continue to wear my beautiful high heels and not be able to walk (!!!!!) or buy some flat (kitten heel) shoes. I chose comfort over style. I keep thinking I need to go to a podiatrist, because I think its because of my high arches collapsing. Spoke to my chiropracter on Monday who said that the bones in my feet were extremely tight - they just werent moving. He strapped my feet up for me and they instantly felt better - which he said is an indication that I need some custom made orthotics. So I've bought some "Orthaheel" arch supports that you get from the chemist, and will have to order some custom made ones at my next Chiro appointment.

Training and eats have been spot on through the week - weekends still need some attention. I took Shar's advice and did the body balance class again on Tuesday. I cannot honestly say that I enjoyed it, but I do think my body responds well to all the stretching. And I did a different leg session on Monday and now my arse cheeks are so sore!! That's good - I need to lose some more lard off my butt!

Otherwise everything is cruising along - and I have realised that this month it is one year that I have been blogging! Happy blogging birthday to me!!!!


Janew said...

Ohhhh la la!!New dress and shoes NICE!I love getting all dressed up!and new hair to go with that :D

Thats great that you are so on track with your training and eats Hilary :) well done!
Gotta love sore butt checks after a hard workout!!

and Happy Blogging Birthday to you!
jane :)

ps.we are moving to Petrie when we come to QLD.its approx 20km northeast from brisbane:)Cant wait

Shar said...

Would love my Hubby to tell me to go and but some shoes!!
Instead I order a pair of traniers from e bay and hope they are delivered whilst he's at work! LOL

Have a nice time at the wedding in all your new stuff!

Good on ya for trying Bodybalance again! If you can afford the time to do it its a good thing for the body, if not, just get to the gym and do the sweat thing! It helps I get paid to do it :)

Have a good week
Shar x

Michelle said...

I'm with - I hate dresses - in fact I don't even remember the last time I had one on........

Probably the one I got married in - LOL! That was in '94!

Lucky girl to have a man TELL you to go buy shoes - we need men like that here in the States!

XX - Michelle

Splice said...

It's always fun to go shopping lol. I hope the wedding is lots of fun.

Happy blogging birthday to you. I think we may have started our blogs around the same time. Boy time goes fast.


Selina said...

Hey hils!!
Ahhh so that's what a cocktail dress means... has it gotta be satin?!?! I bought a new dress about a month ago and wore it 2 weekends in a row (mortal sin!!). It's the high waisted ones, and I feel veeery weird without a waist band too!! LoL
LoL at the shoes, def take advantage of OH telling u too!!

Ali said...

I hope you have a great time at the wedding!! ow la la new dress and shoes, that's great!!

Now wonder your marrying that man ;) Hils, tells you to go buy shoes!! I luv it!!!

take care and enjoy PHAT camp ;)


Anonymous said...

New hairdo, new dress, new shoes, my kind of woman. Gotta love retail therapy. LOL!! :o) xx