Monday, March 12, 2007

8 years

Today is mine & my fiance's 8 year anniversary!   I have just been surprised at work by receiving a HUGE big bunch of Gerbera's from OH... my absolute favourite flower!  He is such a sweetheart!

I had a fantastic weekend - stayed strong.  It was so good to get back home on Friday night - its the best part of being away!  You should see the welcome that my little kitty gives me when I've been away for a few days... heheheh he runs for a cuddle and whinges his head off, and he being a raucous Siamese, the volume is always turned up to extreme!  After a few hours, after he has calmed down, he turns into an ankle biter.  He hides behind things and then launches himself at my legs when I walk past, then continues to bite me while I laugh and tease him.  I think its his way of saying "THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR GOING AWAY AND LEAVING ME!!!"   So at the moment I'm sporting lots of cat bite marks and scratches.  Its only because he loves me. :-)~ hehe

I got up early on both Saturday and Sunday mornings and took the pooches for a walk.  I'm continuing to take them both at the same time and it saves a lot of hassle having to come home and switch dogs halfway through!  They love it, but its been so hot and humid (even at 7am!) that I do feel sorry for them.  I had really good nutrition and water intake this weekend.  I managed to come back from Townsville weighing less than when I left - so gotta be happy with that!

On Sunday my OH came to do the groceries with me (which he hates doing - but it was his suggestion).  The grocery bill is always through the roof when he comes shopping with me, he's like a kid in a lolly shop... "oooh lets get THIS!".... "mmm lets try some of THAT"  etc - but he did show some restraint.   A few things he picked up, and then put back when he saw the price!  I think he used to wonder why the grocery bill is usually so high - well now he knows!   He did manage to sneak in a few packets of lollies into the trolley, so we now have Chickos and Strawberries & Creams in the pantry.  Thats ok though - I'm never tempted by soft lollies, if I'm going to break out, it will be on chocolate or cheese.  So he can have those all to himself!

I am so hungry today............ gotta stay strong!


Splice said...

Welcome home Hilary!! :-)

8 years? DOesn't time fly. John and I will be celebrating our 11th anniversary at the end of the month.

I hope you stayed stronge in relation to the hunger.


Michelle said...

Hope he let you keep the cucumbers:)

XX - Michelle

Di Broeren said...

And I bet I know which cheese you would choose : )

Congratulations on your anniversary....and the excitement of receiving flowers at work : ))

Jodi said...

Woo Hoo!! 8 years!!! I have been with my partner for 5 1/2 years and I can't believe it!!!

LOVE your is do have spider fingers don't you!! Lucky you (I remember a post you did last year saying about everytime you lose weight your fingers get really skinny!!) No matter what I still have fat fingers so I always notice skinny fingers!!!

Sorry to see you have been so sick on and off....I know what it is like to feel sick alot....hope you feeling better at the moment!!!!

Take care and looks as though you are back into your training and nutrition!!!!! (p.s I don't go for lollies either....I am exactly like you....cheese crackers and wine anyday thank you!!!!)

Antigone said...

WOW 8 years:) Fantastic and what a lovely gift!!
Keep up the great work hun :)

jodie said...

Congrats Hils & Scott on 8 years. That's awesome. Gerberas are my favs too. I had them for my wedding, they are just so happy.

Janew said...

Hey Hilary! Congratulations on your 8 years together :)

isnt love grand!!

I think I can leave comments again :)

jane xo