Thursday, November 16, 2006


We're not in the bush, but we're in an area that is close to bushland, and bigger blocks.  And that means more "wildlife".  And that means huges spiders.  The other night I was watching TV and I saw something out of the corner of my eye..... I shrieked "HUNTSMAN HUNTSMAN HUNTSMAN!!!!"  Oooh it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.  Huntsman are especially bad because they are big and hairy and they bloody jump at you... So poor BF had to get up and get the spray and chase thing thing around the lounge room, while I hid in the kitchen (I actually got into the pantry and shut the door... sad arent I?)

Then a few days later I was about to leave for work and I went looking for the cat (just to make sure he wasn't locked in the bathroom or anything) and he was sitting in the garage.  Just sitting - looking at the bar-fridge.  I asked him what was wrong, and he "meowed" and walked up to the fridge door (we have a strange relationship, me and the cat - he's a talkative Siamese, so we 'chat' quite a bit).  So I bumped the fridge and a mid-sized huntsman ran out from underneath.  So the cat chased it around and batted it like a ball for a bit with me yelling "GET IT CONNOR - GET IT!".  Not sure if he got it - I had to leave before the game was finished.   I hope he did, otherwise there's another spider loose in the house.

I've been using Fitday again since last Thursday, and managing to keep my calories in check.  I have realised that I was grossly undercalculating how much I was actually eating - it is so easy to consume more calories than you think you are.  Anyway, now its under control, and I feel a lot more focussed.  Actually seeing some changes on the scale, so thats a plus.  For me, using Fitday is a really good idea, it makes me rethink everything I'm about to eat...

Woke up at 3 o'clock this morning - and spent the next 2 hours dozing, then waking up - for some reason I kept thinking I'd overslept.  When I actually got up, the first thing I thought was "Oh well, at least today is Friday.... hang on.... its only Thursday - groan"  Did Body Attack again this morning, got through 400 calories.  Felt like I got through it a lot easier than last week too - yay!  I love the high-kicking track - reminds me of my jazz ballet days when we used to do the Can-Can.  Then I'm taking the dogs for another powerwalk this afternoon, and then Step tomorrow morning.   Just call me Cardio-Queen!


Jodi said...

Hi Hils, haven't commented for a while but I still read your blog all the time!

I hate those spiders, the thought of them being in the house and jumping on you freaks me out!!! My partner refuses to kill them for me as he likes spiders so watching me actually trying to get close enough to kill one is quite funny!

Sounds like you are the queen of cardio!!!! Your really getting into it aren't you!!!

Hmmm sounds like I need to use fitday too.

You sound like my mum, she talks to the cat too all the time, glad to see Connor recovered from the toad.

Have a great day!

Sam D-M said...

You sound like me with the spiders. We had one in the house on sunday and Damo had to 'take care of it'. they seem to hang around hallway walls which scares me th most.

Have a good one

Anonymous said...

I think I had a similar nights sleep to you last night. It was hot so I woke up - then I knew that I would have to get up again soon and didn't sleep well. I was also hungry. Cant wait to get some new protein so that when I wake up hungry I can just have that. Perhaps I'll get it tomorrow - no I am just rambling!
Have a great day hils,

Amy said...

I hate spiders. I absolutely freak out when i see them. Sounds like you are really on track at the moment. I am loving body attack and step at the moment too.
Have a good rest of the week.


little rene said...

I'm with you on the Huntsman hatred!

My husband is a bit ..........Holy shit you will not believe this! I was just about to write that my husband is a bit of a spider lover and tells me off for wanting to kill them when a little spider ran across the key board!

That is too freaky!

My heart is now racing! LOL!

Good on you for doing so much cardio!



Ali said...

Well i sure am the odd the out there :)

I love huntsman spiders, and they keep down the insect population, they can't hurt you you know, well not the ones down here anyway, but then again nor can mice and well for me that's a whole different story LOL I'm petrified of them

Sounds like your going great Hils, have an awesome weekend,


Selina said...

Looks like your BF's dream the other nite was a premonition!!!!

And I reckon your cat was definitely trying to warn u to be careful by just staring at the fridge!!

I must be slacking it in Body Attack!! My HRM only told me I killed 288 (to be exact!!) cals the other day, me thinks I need to work a bit harder!!! One of the instructors who takes it has an awesome bod, so I use that as my OOMPH "I WILL look like that, i WILL look like that" as the legs get heavier and heavier...
Hope you break your total calorie expenditure record this week!!

Rebecca said...

Eeek, spiders!! I am like that with roaches, they terrify me. I am such a wuss when it comes to bugs and rodents.

It is really hard to keep track of calories, but the scales show when you do stay in check. I am so determined for this week too. You go cardio queen!!

Have a great weekend

Carolyn said...

Hi Cardio Queen!
My puds all LOVE spiders - I sometimes find just the legs afterwards! It's kind of gross though when you hear them chomping and chewing them (and see the legs hanging out of their mouths, yup I have seen that!)- EEEW!

I haven't done Bodyattack for a couple of weeks now - starting to have withdrawals I think! The music is also great for HIIT if you can get an instructor to lend you a CD!

Shar said...

Hi Cardio queen!

I can almost state for sure you would burn more than 400 cals in Bodyattack!!

I so agree with logging food! I use calorie king and it has been invaluable to me over the past 8 weeks whilst shedding my winter skin!!

Calories in (good food), calories out (exercise)! Gotta work, nothing else to it.

Keep working hard, the days are counting down! :) :)

Shars X

Anonymous said...

Smallspiders dont faze me but those big hairy buggers give me chills up my spine!!!
My hubby and i have been using that mortine house spray its fantastic i use both the indoor surface spray and the outdoor one and i haven't had any spiders for almost 2 years now:)
Would you mind doing some cario for me LOL my hips are so dodggy at the moment grrr
Have a great weekend hun:)

Hilary said...

Jodi its funny how some people (me) talk to their animals like they're people! I swear they understand too. Fitday is great - and its free!

Yeah Sam, spiders are just gruesome arent they? I cant go near them! Little ones are marginally ok though!

Andj you must have been hungry if you woke up thinking of protein shakes!! I usually wake up feeling ravenous too.

Amy those cardio classes are good for a bit of variety arent they? I love that red-faced feeling you get when you're finished!

Rene that was freaky!! Spiders might be smarter than we think eh? Creepy! My boyfriend gets upset when I make him kill spiders too.

Ali I cant believe you like huntsmen spiders! I know they cant hurt me, but they scare me all the same, I think its just because they're so big and jump at you!

Selina you must be fit! Those Attack classes absolutely kill me!

Rebecca we will kick butt this week! The nutrition really does make a huge difference doesn't it.

Carolyn thats gross - I'm getting a mental image of my cat eating a spider with the legs hanging out of his mouth lol! Hope you get to go do Attack again this week.

Counting down Shar - I'm in the 30's now, what about you?!!

Em we've got surface spray everywhere, but that doesn't stop the little buggers finding a way in somehow... I guess the holes in the walls arent helping lol!

Hilary xx