Thursday, November 09, 2006

100 walking lunges...

I dont like the scales. They're moving in the wrong direction lately. I cant claim to have been eating totally clean, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This week I have been spot on though, and the goal is to still go to gym 5 mornings per week - but also to walk the dogs a minimum of 3 afternoons each workday. Then another longer dog walk on Saturday. So far so good!

Tuesday afternoon after the dog walk I wanted to do more - so I did 100 walking lunges (without a break) around the garage. After about 70 my legs were screaming, and on the final 20 my hamstrings were cramping like crazy. Finished that, caught my breath, and then did 60 pop squats (2 sets of 30), then I had to lay down! Got the heart rate soaring, and I felt GREAT! Think I am going to do that a couple of afternoons a week, that should get my butt into shape. My legs are sore now though.

A funny thing happened at the gym on the other morning. I was doing my usual shoulder workout, and a guy moved to the bench beside me to do some dumbell chest presses. He sort of acted all cocky and confident - I just got on with my workout. Anyway I was between sets, and this guy picks up his weights, leans back to lie on the bench, and as he did.... HE.... FARTED. OMG I was horrified! I didn't know which way to look, I bit my lip and tried not to laugh!!!! He carried on with his set, but he dropped the weights early and got out of there quick-smart!! heheheh

This morning I did an Attack class, my gym is trialling it at the 5.45am timeslot for a month. The whole class was red-faced by about halfway through - my god I forgot what an awesome workout they are! After the "running around" track I thought my ankle was going to break, it hurt so much, and made it a bit hard to finish the class. So I loved it, but jeez its a lot harder on your body than I remembered (either that or I'm getting old!)

This week I received the most lovely surprise in the post. My mentoree and new friend Alicia E sent me the most beautiful thank-you card, and a voucher. I was completely touched - what a wonderful way to start the day! Could not wipe the smile off my face! Hopefully very soon we will be able to meet for a coffee and a chat!

The week is nearly over - where did it go?!


little rene said...

Oh that is HYSTERICAL Hilary! I don't know how you didn't burst into laughter. The poor guy. Imagine if that happened to us? I would just DIE of embarrasment! I laughed out aloud while reading this post! Thanks for giving me something to giggle about!

I am VERY impressed with you lunges effort! That is awesome. i am not telling my husband that you can do 100. I struggle to do 30!



Mel said...

Hey Hilary!!

OMG, that is my worst fear farting in the gym or whilst with my funny though, you did well not to laugh right there and then ;)

Wow on the lunges, they really take it out of you. And what are pop squats??


RaeC said...

Well look at you go hon... you'll have Kirstia Knowles body before you know it.

As for the guy... how embarassing!! LMAO!! That would be too funny. It's lucky you were there by yourself because I find it harder to keep a straight face when a friend is nearby when things like that happen. I don't know how you stifled that laugh... LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Hey HIls,
That sounds like a great work out! you must have had some serious energy to burn tha day. I think I would have been embarresed for the guy!

Selina said...

100 of those buggers?!?! U MUST be insane my dear!!!!!!!!!!!!
As for that guy, HA HA HA!! I don't know how you kept a straight face!!!!

Ali said...

I agree how did you keep a straight face!!!! How sweet of your mentoree, but I bet you deserve it :)

Have an awesome weekend


Sam D-M said...

Awwww I miss Attack already and I only missed 1 week! I have been teaching the same class for years and they where so upset when i had to give the class up to have my shoulder op. No you are not getting old Hil... Attack is as hard as you wanna make it andd it sounds to me like you would have pushed yourself hard!!