Monday, November 20, 2006

Just when everything is going well...

... you get sent away for work again. I've been working so hard on establishing my new fitness routine, gym every morning and walking the dogs in the afternoon, and now I have to go to Rockhampton tomorrow for the rest of the week. grrrrrr. The bonus is that I will have a car, so at least I can go to gym up there.

Travelling for work has always been the biggest problem for me, I find it hard in terms of nutrition. Its a challenge to eat clean when you're dining on restaraunt food all the time, and sometimes the places I stay at dont understand what you mean when you say "No dressing, and I dont want the potato" - they look at you like you're from another planet or something. There is usually no option to cook for yourself either. I generally take my own food for meals 2 and 4, so thats no problem. Its breakfast and dinner that have "undone" me in the past! But I WILL be saying no to the breakfast buffet, and WILL say no to carbs at dinner... send me your positive thoughts!!!!

Well, measurements day was Saturday, and I'm quite pleased with the results. Although the scales aren't moving a whole lot, the cm's and mm's are coming off. After 10 weeks I have lost a total of 9cm all over, and 9mm in skinfolds. Technically I have only 2 weeks to go, but I have decided to continue my challenge until just before the trip. I realise that I wasted the first 6 weeks by not focussing properly, and its only been in the last 2 weeks that I have been really determined. Having this deadline of the trip dangling in front of me has been the best motivator ever!

Paid for the balance of the trip on Saturday, and then went outside and got myself a little sun. I've decided that I refuse to go to England and be whiter than the locals. So I'm dedicating half an hour each Saturday and Sunday on getting a little suntan. I dont need to look like a 'bronzed Aussie', but I dont want to be white as a ghost either!

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Mel said...

Hi Hilary,
Wow you are really doing awesome on your challenge!

It is hard travelling but just try to keep remembering what you want and ask how that food will make you feel if you have it.

Not long til your holiday now, you guys must be getting excited!!!!

Ciao bella,

Mandy said...

Hey Hilary,

When I used to live in Rocky I used to go to a great little gym called the Body Shop in Alexander Street, North Rocky.

Have a safe trip and a good week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hils! have fun in rocky!
I hate it how hotels/restaurants just don't really think about people who may not be on holidays and actually just want to go on having their normal life like every other work day. But you can only make the best choice that is available to you!

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary,

Well I know all about going away for work and it is a constant struggle for me. I tend to take my breakfast (oats & Protein powder). I just add boiling water to my oats in sealed container and let it sit for a while & then add the protein. Its not as creamy as in the microvawe but does the job. I also take heaps of tuna (cans and pouches) to add to salads. Its not all that exciting but you feel heaps better when you know your eating is staying on track! Good luck with it all. Not long until those holidays now. Luv Hilds

Shar said...


Not long now! Don't worry about be whiter than the locals in the UK!! The winter drans al the colour from you so you will be looking great compared to them.

Well done with your Cms and skinfolds!! Keep on pushing until you go away and you can shift a few more.

Shars x

Michelle said...

Forget the scale - concentrate on those mm's!!

Travelling is SO very hard - stay focused - you're on a roll -

not to mention Holiday is coming!!!!


Splice said...

Michelle gives great advice ;-), I couldn't have put it better myself.

Hope your doing well hun.


Sam D-M said...

hi hil,

well done with the skin folds.

enjoy the sun :-) you dont wanna blend in with the locals... you wanna look like your on holiday! lol


Rebecca said...

I hope that your week away for work was ok. I am sure that you hate being away from your bf and pooches.

Congrats on the cms. Yippee. Not long until your holiday!!

Have a great weekend