Monday, November 13, 2006

Its Monday again...

I had a fabulous weekend. Saturday I was up early to take the dogs for a long walk before the hydro-bath man came to bath them Then I headed up to the shops and had myself a mini shopping spree! I bought three new tops for work, a pair of trousers, a new hair clip, three gym tops, two sports bras and (this is my favourite one) a "gift pack" of mini-perfumes - Christian Dior - Jadore, Addict, Pure Poison, Miss Dior Cherie and Dolce Vita - all for me!!!! I love those little mini perfumes, they're just the perfect size for your handbag, and you get to try some that you wouldn't normally try. So now I'm all set for fragrance for the trip!

42 days to go, by the way... just in case you thought I'd forgotten my countdown.

Saturday afternoon I was meant to be going to the fitness expo with Andj, but unfortunately she fell sick so she had to ring and cancel. Hope you're feeling a bit better now Andj!

On Saturday night my boyfriend and I had a fantastic evening - first having dinner (and cocktails!) and then going to the movies. We saw Jackass Number Two, and I have to say that despite the bad reviews it got, it was absolutely hilarious. I have to admit that I had never dry-retched in a cinema before, but I have now!! Ewww it was so gross in some parts, but pretty funny - the whole cinema was in stitches the whole way through. Nothing wrong with a little (or a lot of) toilet humour to cap off an evening!

Sunday was the usual groceries, washing clothes, chopping dog food... but I am so proud of myself to say that I ate 100% to plan on the weekend. I had a free meal on Saturday night but I didn't go overboard, I stopped when I felt satisfied, no munchies in the movies, 2.5 litres of water each day, felt GREAT!!!

And... I worked out that I burned over 2400 calories last week, and did over 8.5 hours of exercise - woohoo! Now its my goal to better that this week. Next weekend is another measurements day, got to see some changes!


Sam D-M said...

Hey Hil, i am hanging out for Jackass 2... iam glad to hear it cracked you up, now i feel it will be worth going to the cinema!!

Sounds like you did well this weekend and i love the 8.5hr cardio - you rock!!! cardio heeaven :-)


Lia Halsall said...

Shopping.....did somebody say shopping! LOL!! You're a woman after my own heart Hilary. :o)

Splice said...

Hi Hilary!
Sorry I haven't commented in a while but I do quickly jump in here to see whats happening and run off again because Im busy but still NEED to know whats going on in your life lol.
Sounds like you had a great weekend.
I watched saw 3....that was gross.

Communication Zone said...


Sounds like your on a roll!! Keep up the trainign, consistancey is key!

42 days is not long at all, I can't believe how quick the days are going. did I mention I have 18 days to go!!!!!!!!

Have another great week

Shar x

Anonymous said...

Wow - you were busy on the weekend anyway hils! Glad that you got to have a nice night with your man though.

Ali said...

well sounds like you had an awesome weekend, shopping don't you love it!!!

don't think I could bring myself to watch those saw movies with age I become a wimp!!

Take care and keep up your great work


Mel said...

8.5hrs exercise, OMG - thanks hot!!!

You go girl :)

I wanna see Jackass 2, I have a weird fascination for Johnny Knoxville - he's kinds sexy in that bad boy way..haha


Selina said...

A girls ideal weekend :) Lots and lots of shopping!
With all your cardio girl, those jeans are going to be hanging off you!!! YOu're a machine!!

Rebecca said...

Way to go Hilary, that is a heap of exercise. You are going to be buff and gorgeous in no time at all.

Not long until your trip.....


Hilary said...

Sam its a good laugh that movie, definetely gross but so worth seeing!

Lia I think shopping really is therapy - and you get to wear all the gorgeous new stuff the following week, so it keeps on making you feel good! Win-win situation!

Hi Deb, we had to make a snap decision at the movies to see either Jackass or Saw 3... Jackass won. Boyfriend is itching to see Saw 3 though - good to hear that it was equally as gross!

Thanks Shar - you are my role model at the moment! 18 days to go? Lucky thing!

Andj it was a busy weekend, despite the fact that we didn't go to the expo. Hope you're feeling better now!

Ali it had been so long since I bought anything - well overdue shopping trip I think!

LOL Mel I like Johnny Knoxville too - and I think you're right, it is the 'bad boy' thing - although some of the things he does in the movie sorta makes you go "hmmmmm"....

Thanks Selina... not quite, but soon, very soon...

Thanks Rebecca, just counting the days, I think I'm driving everyone crazy with my countdown!

Hilary xx