Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'll have her body, thanks

Kristia Knowles... motiviation to go for a jog! I love this bikini too.

51 Days til our trip!

A few more days to go than Shar though!

I had an eventful night on Thursday night in bed (no its not what you're thinking - get your minds out of the gutter! hehehe). Got woken up by BF sitting bolt upright and turning on his bedside lamp... "Whats wrong?" I asked. He sat there staring up at the ceiling, looking from corner to corner over our heads... saying nothing. So I asked him again. He said "oh... nothing - must have been dreaming" and turned the light off and went back to sleep.

Took me ages to get to sleep after this. Then sometime early this morning I was woken again by him trying to take my pillow from me!! So I sat up and said "Babe, thats my pillow" - and he looked at me and asked "Where's MY pillow gone?" hehehe I was starting to giggle by now. Anyway, he sort of shrugs as if to say "oh well", and lays back down on his now pillow-less side of the bed. I thought - I cant let him sleep without a pillow... so I climbed all over him to find that his pillow had been thrown onto the floor a couple of metres from the bed. Gave it back to him, and tried to get back to sleep.

Then around 3am I woke with a screaming headache, I must have been dreaming something bad because I was clenching my teeth so tight- my whole face was hurting! Then all too soon the alarm went off at 5 and I got up to go to gym.

Well i asked BF what was going on in his sleep - and apparently he'd been dreaming about a huge spider running accross the ceiling of the bedroom, which is why he turned the light on and stared at the ceiling (I'm so glad he kept that to himself at the time... **shudder**) Also he'd had a dream about being in a car accident - wonder if that's how the pillow ended up on the other side of the room?

Didn't do step on Friday because of extreme tiredness - I would be just as likely to trip over the step rather than put my foot on it. So just got on the cross trainer and treadmill for some steady state cardio. The woman on the treadmill beside me turned out to be my accross-the-road neighbour!

Got up this morning to take the dogs for a walk to find it teeming with rain! It must be Jodie bringing the rain with her! As nice as it is to have rain (we're on level 4 water restriction now) - it does put a stop to things on the weekend. If the rain stops, I will take the pooches out.

Off to go shopping soon for a digital video camera for our trip!! Have a fantastic weekend!


Selina said...

Yep! my hands up for that body too :) Maybe Santa will be kind this year?!?! ;)
That's so funny about your BF, I would have been giggling too! Like you said, lucky it WAS only a dream!!!
I'm loving step again at the moment too, except when totally lethargic. I'm not known for co-ordination at the best of times, so I'll just leave it when my brain is dead!
Enjoy your weekend, send some rain just a little further north!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll fight for that bod too:)
Sounds like you had a pretty eventfull night darl, nothing like bad dreams to ruin your day!!
have fun shopping:)

LizN said...

Hilary, your blog is always so much fun to read. Hope the rain hit the dams in Brissy!

LIz ;)

Suzi said...

hey hilary i hope that you have fun on your trip - we too are counting down the days till we are off to Hong Kong and Singapore for 2 wks. we leaving the bratlets behind and enjoying a holiday, we leave xmas day but in the evening. Cant wait - thats why i am madly trying to shed some kilos so that i can get into a nice summer dress.

Michelle said...

What did you guys have for dinner that night?

Never again.....NEVER again - LOL!!!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!

XX - Michelle

Hilary said...

Selina I hope you got some of that rain on the weekend! Step is a bit dangerous when you're tired isnt it?! Definetely only for the energetic days!

Em it sounds like we all want to fight for that bod! Hell I'll take anything close!

Thanks Liz! There's usually something amusing going on!

Hey Suzi, we're both jetting off on the same day - how exciting! I know the feeling of needing to fit into clothes for the trip - good luck with your countdown!

LOL Michelle - dont know what it was, must have been something in the water!

Hilary xx