Sunday, November 26, 2006

My fabulous week

I'm baaa-aaack! What a busy week I've had! Tuesday morning I was up at 4am and then off to the airport to catch my flight to Rockhampton - what a long day that was. Spent my day training new staff members, then found myself a gym and joined up for a 5 visit pass. I had been to this gym before, but I'd never explored it before. Its an old building (think it might have been a bank once) and its HUGE. I've never seen such a huge gym. They have an enormous aerobic room (which had supporting columns up through the middle lol! - not good if you forget they're there) a normal weights room, then a pretty big womens weights area (and no baby-weights either, very pleased to see) and a special cardio area. What I didn't realise that this place had another level underneath, containing a 25m pool, RPM bike area, boxing gym, squash courts and a "Powerlifting" weights area!! Almost made me want to move to Rocky!

Despite all this, there is little or no airconditioning, and it gets pretty hot up there. I did a Body Step class on Wednesday afternoon and I was dying afterwards - so hot! Aaaaaaannnyway, I kicked butt while I was away! I visited the gym 5 times in 3 days, on Wednesday I burned 819 calories all up (very pleased with myself I was!) - and by Thursday afternoon I had already reached my weekly goal of 2400 cals burned, 8 hours of exercise. I was also shattered and exhausted! Probably did too much too quickly, but I felt so motivated.

Food was brilliant - I kept logging my calories to keep track, and it really helped. My only blunder was a breakfast omlette one morning... made with whole eggs, and it had bacon and cheese, and came with white bread and butter. I ate it. It happens. But all in all, I survived pretty well!

Some other exciting news... my work got a corporate box organised for the Robbie Williams concert in two weeks. They announced last week that there were 7 tickets to give away, and that they were going to draw names out of a hat.... yep you guessed it... I'M GOING TO ROBBIE WILLIAMS!!!!!! Woohoo! So exciting! And in a corporate box too!!!! Its on Thursday 14th December.

And to cap off a brilliant week, yesterday we went to have a look at an Nissan Xtrail, and ended up driving home with it! Its exciting, and I love it, but I will miss my V8. I used to love driving it because it had a lovely V8 rumble and I felt a bit tough! The Xtrail will be a lot cheaper to run though, its a 2003 model, white, automatic, tinted windows... my new baby!


Hilds said...

Hi Hilary thats sounds like an awesome week! I'm glad Rocky worked out well for you, sounds like an awesome gym. And Robbie Williams to top it off, you've obviously been doing something right! Keep up the fantastic work and all the good things should keep coming. Luv Hilds

Anonymous said...

Talk abotu a fantastic action packed week hun!!
WOW tired just reading all the exercise you have done LOL
Congrats on your new car.

Anonymous said...

So many exciting things ahppening for you! a new car and you get to go to Robbie Williams!! So exiting!
How do you measure how many cals you have burnt? With your Polar heart rate monitor?
Do you trust that it is right?
I've never trusted mine.

Tracey said...

What a great week you had Hils!!

Anonymous said...

WOW what an awsome week you had... congrats on the training and the new car.... cant get much better than that.... except for ROBBIE.... OMG so not fair.

take care

Ali said...

great to hear you so on top of the world Hilary!!!

hope you are still powering on so marvelously. A new car that is just awesome!