Monday, October 30, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

Weekends just go too fast.  I need a holiday!

Got up nice and early on Saturday morning, walked the pooches, cleaned the house, did the groceries etc, and then one of my girlfriends came over for lunch, along with her 9 month old son Joshua.  He's growing up so fast, and really turning into a little man now, lots of personality!  hmmmm, am I getting clucky?

Saturday night we watched a couple of DVD's, during which I had 3 glasses of bubbly and fell asleep on the lounge!  Just cant keep up the pace anymore - jeez I'm getting old.  I woke up on Sunday morning with the beginnings of my stomach pains again, but my "miracle cure" glutamine seemed to save the day - after a shot of that I seemed to improve dramatically.  I really want to take my glutamine overseas with me, but I'm a bit worried about how I will go travelling with a "suspicious white powder"!!!  Might have to switch back to tablets for the duration of the trip.  I think it is really helping with my stomach issues though.

Not much else happened on the weekend - we went and looked at a car (for me), a Nissan Xtrail.  I liked it, and the price was right too.  We'll see what happens. 

Anyway, another week beckons, I am at week 7 of my challenge now - how fast time flies!  Weight went back up a little on the weekend, bugger.  Did the bike class again this morning, I think there was something wrong with the bike I was on - the tension was stuffed or something, I kept turning up the tension and it didn't feel like I was working hard enough.  I like to think that its just me getting fitter, but in reality I think the bike was faulty... Finished the class and jumped straight onto a treadmill for a 10 minute jog - jelly legs after that. 

56 days til our trip!   eeeeeeeeek!


little rene said...

A new car! How cool is that? I would love to get a new car but it is either a pool or new wheels and with Summer on the horizon out here I thibnk I will take the pool!

Well done on making it to Week 7. You will be super trim for your trip and be able to wear all of your jeans!

Have a great week Hilary!



Anonymous said...

I am so jealous i love the Xtrails!
Sounds like a lovely saturday night in fornt of the tellie ah what a life LOL
Your challenge is really going fast can't believe its alrerady been 7 weeks:)
Good luck with the rest of your challenge and getting ready for your holiday hehe plenty of time to get organised LOL
Have a great week!