Wednesday, September 05, 2007


I'm feeling really good and less bloated this week, I've definetely got my mojo back (thank goodness, its been gone for so long!) 

I'm very tired though and I just cant seem to catch up on sleep this week.  One of our neighbours has this dog, its a labrador I think, and it howls whenever it hears a police or ambulance siren.  But it doesn't just howl for a minute - oh no - it howls for 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after.  I know some dogs have sensitive ears, and I sympathise, but its getting very hard to be sympathetic at 2.30 in the freakin morning - and the owners dont seem to care!  So this happened on Sunday night (it happens at least once a week - always in the middle of the night) and then we heard a couple of loud "booms" - who knows what THAT was, so OH leapt up in bed to peer out the window - not realising that he'd put his knee on my pillow... while my head was on it... - yeah not a lot of sleep that night.

Last night I just couldn't sleep because my mind was a whirr - sometimes its just random thoughts spinning around and around - can be hard to stop it!.  So I thought I'd put it to good use and visualise my workout for this morning - shoulders, bi's and tri's.  So I mentally practised what I was going to do - I guess its no bloody wonder I was so tired this morning when I physically did it - I'd already done it once!! LOL

So I vaguely entertained the idea of staying in bed this morning, but seriously, once that alarm goes off I'm awake anyway.  So not much point staying in bed.  And as always, it feels so GREAT to have done a fantastic workout, then you're all pumped and ready for the day. Its only when I'm driving home in the afternoon that I feel realllllly tired.

Only two more days of travelling to NSW to work.  Yay I'm back at my regular office on Monday, which is only 20 minutes away from home - heaven!!  No more getting ready for work at the gym and dropping breakfast all over myself in the car!  Although from what I hear there are still lots of germs rampaging around that office - lots of people off sick this week, so maybe I'm better off down here in the cane fields and fresh country air!


Antigone said...

We have about three big dogs in our area and they bark through the night, one starts and then sets off the other two its very frustrating so i completely undertand you, poor thing.
Sounds like you are one busy chicky, keep up the good workk in the gym :)

skincarebeautyzone said...

ohhh so sad buddy,i understand ur problem but we can't do anything na.