Thursday, September 06, 2007

irony or fate?

I dont know whether its irony or fate, but yesterday my mum was saying that she was glad I wasn't going to be driving all that way to work every day now, because she worries about me on that highway...

So what happens? I was in a car accident last night. Driving down the Pacific Highway (4 lanes each way on this stretch between the Gold Coast and Brisbane) minding my own business but still doing the speed limit (110klm) when the car on my left swerved out and straight into my car. This caused me to veer out of control into the two lanes to my right, I steered wildly, back to the left into the middle of the highway, then veered crazily back to the right (I just could NOT control the steering wheel), where I ploughed into the bushes that they plant in the middle between the north and south facing lanes. This slowed me down enough so that I could stop.

Nobody was hurt - we were all badly shaken, but not hurt. My fingertips are sore though from gripping the steering wheel so hard. The girl who hit me in the first place was trying to avoid a truck that swerved into HER. The truck didn't stop. Somebody got his number plate. Two separate good samaratins pulled over immediately and came to my aid, for which I am soooo thankful for - I was so freaked out I didn't know what to do. One girl stayed with me for over an hour.

The car isn't too bad, lots of dents and scratches, and I've lost a side mirror. I drove it home ok. I'm just glad no one was hurt. It could have been so much worse, I'm so lucky that nobody was in the two lanes to my right when I got hit - I could quite easily have collected somebody. The girl who hit me said she thought she had killed me.

So I ate off plan last night, and had a glass of wine. I was freaked out for most of the night, kept replaying it all over and over in my head. So didn't sleep well, so I didn't go to gym this morning. Thank goodness I only have today and tomorrow for driving back down there.


Bec said...

OMG - I hope you are alright, you poor thing, what a scarey day for you!!!! Glad you were not injured.


Janew said...

Hey sweetie,geez some people are morons on the road!Glad to hear you are ok!!!atleast your car isnt to damaged and it can always be fixed anyways.
Hope you have a great day today!!!

jane xo

Magda said...

Thank God for small mercies. Yes its good that no-one was hurt and yes there are idiots on the road that shouldnt be there.

Take care


Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad that you're okay Hilary. How lucky are you and all those others, thankfully it was an accident that turned out for the better and not the worse. Take it easy and rest up this week, you deserve that at least. ;o) xx

Pip said...

OMG, - what a shock Hils! You can feel very proud of the way you reacted to this. So glad you or no others were hurt.

Pip xoxox

LizN said...

Glad you are OK Hilary. I would have been pretty shaken by that.

Liz ;)

Kimmy said...

Hi Hilary
Sending you lots of positive vibes and big hugs. Very scary but sounds as though you are focusing on the positive. Thank god everyone is ok. I think you really deserved a wine or two. Keep being strong and keep putting one foot in front of the other - you just need some time. Keep living with Passion - Kimmy

Ali said...

My goodness!! thank goodness you are alright Hils, must have been a dreadful ordeal, so glad you were not hurt, take it easy for a few days.


Lozza said...

Oh Hils, that is so awful. You poor thing. I am so glad that you are ok and no one was injured. Truck drivers can be such jerks on the road - I cannot believe he/she didn't even stop to see if anyone was ok, heartless.

Take it easy chick, I hope you are ok.

Tracey said...

I hope you are feeling a lot better today Hilary. I dont think I would have stopped at the one glass of wine it would have been more like one bottle of wine after that LOL.

Shar said...

Hey Hils

Thank goodness you are o.k.

Just makes me think how precious life is and how things can change in an instant!

Hope your shock is subsiding.

Shar x

little rene said...

Sorry to hear about your accident Hils!

I hope you are OK and can face the drive again for the two days :)

Ali said...

Hils Hope you are still feeling okay?

Just checking up on you, have a great weekend


jodie said...

Hi Hils
Just catching up on your blog, OMG! How scarey. You were so lucky. Hope you have a relaxing weekend to recover. Take care

Kerry said...

you are so lucky Hilary. I am so glad you are o.k. The whole time i was reading I'm thinking, well she's writing this so she mustn't be too bad. Take care.

Love Kerry

Michelle said...

Few things are worse than the sound of two cars colliding!

I'm glad everyone is o.k.!

XX - Michelle

Nat said...

Oh no, what a terrible experience! so glad that everyone is alright.
Dont blame you for having a glass of wine or two.