Thursday, September 20, 2007

Positive attitude

This week I'm having a much better week, and I think a lot of its to do with consciously having a better attitude.  I wake up in the morning and decide I'm going to have a good day.  I'm sleeping better, so I've got the energy to go to gym.  And training always makes me feel good.  A positive attitude always makes everything seem so much better!

On Tuesday when I got home from gym at 7am, our little one Elke (Border Collie X Keeshond) was missing.  God I almost had heart failure!  I did 3 full circuits of the yard, checking behind things, calling her name continuously, trying not to panic.   Shavez was super excited, so I knew somthing was up.  Luckily the neighbour heard me and let me know she was over in their yard.  Obviously, after a year of living next door, she'd decided she wanted to meet the neighbours dog face to face!!!  So she dug a hole under the fence in order to meet him (he's a border collie too)  So now we have to lay bricks all along the fence to stop her digging her way out again.  Little monkey.  She'd be in big trouble if I didn't love her so much.

Not much else to report - I'm plodding along.  I have surprisingly lost weight this last week, despite last week's disaster.   I have stopped consuming artificial sweetener, and I'm loving the flat stomach that goes with this!!  No more bloating - no more grumbly stomach.  I also feel a lot 'cleaner', and I'm hoping this will sort out all my stomach issues.  I only have one cup of tea per day, so I have one teaspoon of real sugar with that.  The rest of the day I'll drink green tea if I feel the need for a hot drink.  I've stopped drinking coffee too and I dont really miss it. 

Thats about it from me - a bit of a post about nothing in particular!


Kristy said...

It's amazing what a positive attitue can achive and how it makes you feel. If i lay in bed at night dreading my morning training session, guess what! I hate the session and really struggle through it. But if I picture a great fun session it is much more enjoyable.

I am really happy you are having a good week... Glad you found you little dog. I'd be upset to if my dog (that I don't have) went missing...

Andj said...

Hi Hils,
I'm glad your week has been better this week.
I know how you feel with you dog. I had a cat incident this afternoon and it is stressful.
Interesting about the artificial sweetner. I almost always just use real sugar because I figure that it can't make too much difference if it is only a little bit. But what about things like diet coke and pepsi max?

Selina said...

You go girl! ;)

Janew said...

Being positive is the only way to go Hilary :) Good work!! Sounds like all is on track and going great for you!
Naughty pup...was probably having a great ol' time next door playing ;)

Have a great weekend
Jane xo

Di Broeren said...

Oh the joy of having kids : ) I have just finished lecturing Arnie for standing in the garden and tracking dirty paw prints on the patio : ))

Great to see you are feeling good.


RaeC said...

Attitude is everything Hilary!! Great to see you with your usual positive one :o) xxx

LizN said...

Glad you are feeling better Hilary :)


Pip said...

Glad you are feeling better Hils!

You are an inspiration!

Keep up the good work!


Michelle said...


I am SO very happy to hear the artificial sweetener may have at least played a small role in your trouble - at least we you know what the culprit is - you can avoid it!!

Mind over matter!!!

xx - Michelle