Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is Elke just about to give mummy a little kiss on the cheek. I love this photo, despite the fact that it gives everyone a good look up my nostril, Elke is so cute!

I cant believe its Wednesday already - where are the days going? Its almost October!

Our weekend was spent renovating... My very clever and talented OH ripped tiles off walls, and did some tiling and grouting in our soon-to-be ensuite and main bathroom, he also assembled our 3 new bathroom vanities (lucky he's a chippie, hey). I painted! I undercoated the walls in our new 4th bedroom, over the plaster in the dining/lounge room, and I also painted ONE linen cupboard, which took forever! Just think how many shelves, corners and edging there are in your average linen cupboard. I had globs of paint in my hair, and paint all up my arms. There was also speckles of paint on my face from using the roller. I'm such a messy painter. Do you realise that painting is a good shoulder workout?? My forearms have DOMS from the up and down motion of the paintbrush!

On Saturday morning I did an Amy Bento Aerobics DVD in my lounge room (thanks Liz!) - although my lounge room is not really big enough for all the running and travelling moves she does. I either run into the TV, or the lounge chairs. There's plyometrics in between the cardio sequences... so its a pretty good cardio session. I ended up starting to get blisters on my feet though - so I stopped before the finish and took the dogs for a walk instead. No exercise on Sunday, I think I did enough with all the painting.
This week has been going great, except for this morning I was too tired (lazy) to get up to go to gym. I stayed up last night to watch All Saints, which I've unfortunately grown a bit partial to. I say 'unfortunately' because now I have to stay up late to watch it. Our VCR isn't hooked up properly (we are both VCR-challenged when it comes to setting those things up) so I cant even tape it. Oh well, I'll just have today as my rest day I guess.
Enjoy hump day!


Janew said...

Elke is soooo cute!!!!although you already knew that ;) I love dogs so much!
Thats great that your renovations are coming along nicely there alot more to go?(besides the painting)!

I hope you also have a wonderful hump day!!
Jane xo

Kristy said...

Awww Elke is very cute. I would love to get a dog of my own. (Please let me find a rental unit that lets me have a dog...)

Renovations sound like they are going really well. I can't wait to see the photos of your updated house!

Selina said...

Your weekend sounded fun... i think!! hehe It'll be worth it in the end I'm sure!!!
Enjoy the rest of your week :)

Nat said...

awww Elke is adorable, love the affection animals give us humans:)
Way to go on the painting, I get bored and frustrated very quickly with painting. Renos sound great!

RaeC said...

Sweetie, you can't write a big long post about all the painting and renovating you did and then call yourself lazy for not getting up and going to the gym!! Sounds to me like you did a different kind of workout... LOL!! Not all physical activity has to happen in the gym!! Love that photo of you and Elke... too cute!! xxx