Tuesday, October 02, 2007


And so another weekend flashes by... I caught up with a friend for breakfast on Saturday morning, then I did my groceries, then came home to paint in the hot humid house.  (What is with the weather lately - hot and humid 30 degree days already, and its only Spring!)  We are trying to get the place in some sort of shape before my brother arrives next Monday.  My poor fiance is working himself into the ground - he works all day building other peoples houses, then comes home in the afternoon and lays tiles in our house.  That will teach us renovating 3 bathrooms in one go.  So we've got to get the plumber to come back again this week, carpet in the spare bedroom is being laid on Saturday morning, and the sparky has to come back too this week.  I'm so looking forward to three days off next week!

OH deserves a break too - he's told me he's NOT working on Sunday, because he MUST watch Bathurst (its his annual ritual).  lol - I think I'll let him off!

I'm still hoping to go watch the INBA's on Saturday, renovations permitting of course.  Will be good to catch up with everyone again.  I'm going on my own so if you see me standing around looking totally friendless please rescue me!!!!

I'm trying to do more cardio this week, I dont think I've been doing enough.  I'm cutting out alcohol too - I've been slipping in the odd glass of wine through the week, and its too easy to get back into that habit, so no more.  This morning I felt really strong doing shoulders, even though I upped the weights.  I love training shoulders - its my favourite! 

Have a great week everyone!


Doris's New Beginning! said...

3 Bathrooms!!! Wow the house sounds big!!

There is so much of painting you can do until you get sick of it. i did that with my house, have hall way left to do and i got sick of it, so giving myself a couple of months break and will get back into it.

Hope to see you Saturday if not sooner.


Michelle said...

What a rennovation project you've got going over!!!

The pup picture is simply too cute!!!

*sigh* - teh internet is as close as I dare get to a pooch these days:)

XX - MIchelle

Ali said...

have a great time at the INBA Hil's that pic of yo and your dog is so cute!!

enjoy your weekend