Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Well after two days of running around after my niece and nephew, playing hide and seek, playing fetch with the dogs with them and going for big walks, I was very sad this morning to say goodbye to them - they're off to America soon for 2 years.

Jamie enjoying a piece of cake, ice cream, red jelly, meringue and chocolate topping!

Being cheeky in the car
On the other hand, it was nice to have a few days of not working on the house! When they left this morning I couldn't believe how quiet the house was - too quiet. It really felt quite empty :(

Anyhoo - today I've got a list of things I've gotta get done, so I should really make a move. After two days of relaxed eating and no "official" training (does jumping around with a 3 year old constitute exercise??), I'm back into it today. Unfortunately I didn't make it to the INBA's on Saturday - far too much work to do on the house to get it ready for visitors. Next time I'll be there for sure.
Enjoy your Wednesday!


Sam D-M said...

Awww so cute, I bet you will miss them!

Yes running around after kids IS considered 'incidental exercise' :-)

little rene said...

Wow! Two years is a long time. I would really miss my little "twinettes" if they moved.

Sounds like you guys are making great improvements to your house. It is fun renovating isn't it? (Although you do get sick of it at times!)