Tuesday, October 16, 2007

6 months today

6 months ago today I was having my first eye operation to have implantable contact lenses, which corrected my short-sightedness.

It is still so amazing to me to now have "normal" vision.  I had been wearing glasses (and later, contact lenses) since I was 12 - so 20 years of being blind.  I was painfully self-conscious of my glasses, particularly because my script was so high.  I always felt like my glasses were thick like bottles, and I always thought when I met people that all they were thinking was "man - she's got thick glasses"  Even though logically I'm sure people didnt think that - you cant help but be sensitive about them.  When I looked in the mirror with my glasses on, all I could see was glasses - stupid, isn't it?  Especially when I think that there's so many people in the world with REAL problems.

But now that my vision has been surgically corrected, I keep catching myself doing things that you would normally do if you wore glasses.  Pushing them back up your nose is one... there's nothing there anymore!!  A few mornings I've gone to step into the shower and my hand goes up to my face to take my glasses off.  The other night when I was particularly tired, I got into bed and reached up to my face to remove them, LOL I had to laugh at myself.   Its like quitting smoking (I quit 8 years ago) - for a couple of years afterwards you find yourself at times of stress reaching in your bag for a packet of cigarettes, just goes to show how strong habit is, and why it takes a while to break it!

I'm feeling pretty good this week, yesterday morning I did a cycle class + 10 min jog, and after work I took the dogs for a powerwalk followed by 10 mins of sprints up and down my street.  Last night I only had 4 hours sleep so didn't make it to gym today.  Tonight we are going to visit OH's nephew for his birthday, where I'll be watching everyone else eat cake.  I might take some strawberries to eat instead.

Tomorrow is my little cat Connor's 10th birthday.  He'll be getting lots of cuddles and spoilt rotten for sure.


Kristy said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have been wearing contact lenses for over 12 months now, but when I first got them I did the same thing. Push them up or go to take off. I still do it occassionally especially I have had a break from my contact lenses for a day... It is strange how our mind remembers such little habits. (Reinforces that subconsious message I guess)

Tracey said...

I can't believe it has been that long Hilary since your op, it seems like it was just yesterday, time flies!

Selina said...

Sounds like the best thing you did!! Had to laugh at your attempts to take off your glasses though :)
Hope all else going well with you. :))

Janew said...

Far out 6 months already,that has gone so quickly!
Sounds like you have gotten some good cardio in this week!!Keep up the good work Hilary :)

jane xo

Ali said...

My goodness I can't believe it s 6 months since you had that operation, it's true time doest fly :)

Look at your niece and nephew, they sure have grown, and don't you love that dessert!!

Keep up the good work and enjoy the party, strawberries sound good :)

Ali xxx

LizN said...

Love your new template Hilary.

Isn't the gift of sight amazing?

Big hugs to you,
Liz ;)

Sam D-M said...

Hey Hil,

I can imagine it would be hard to get used to. And I agree with everyone, it doesnt feel like 6months ago!!!


Pip said...

Great blog template Hils!

Glad you are enjoying the gift of good sight without glasses! That is a great example that we should make sure we enjoy the simple things in life and take less for granted!


Antigone said...

Hi there hun :)
Its been awhile!
I love the new look of your blog, makes me want to have an apple right now :)
Looks like have been keeping busy :)
I bet it must be fantastic to look in the mirror and smile cause there is nothing to see except your beautiful eyes no longer covered by glasses :)