Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miss organised

Well Monday was such an challenge... I took the plunge and got ready for work at gym.  Phew what an event!  I never knew you had to be so organised to achieve this - now I have a great appreciation for everyone who gets ready at gym every day!

So I thought I was super organised but I still managed to forget something.  I dont know why that is... you know how often I have to travel for work, well you'd think I'd be used to packing everything by now - but no... Hil has to forget something doesn't she?  On Monday I forgot to take a COMB for goodness sake.  Luckily I had one in my handbag, which was in my car.  So I left the gym totally blowdried and totally dishevelled, but I was able to rectify that once I reached the car.

So I'm going to do this 3 days per week, just while I'm commuting down to northern NSW every day.  Gives me a little more time for cardio after weights, and not rushing so much.  The other two days I will still come home and get ready.  I just cant be that organised for 5 days in a row!!!!  This morning was a much better experience - I didnt forget anything for once!!  I have to say that I do not like using public/gym showers though. *shudder*

I baked up a big batch of homemade protein bars on the weekend - just used a Tom Venuto recipe that I got from somewhere.  They turned out pretty nice, so I'm able to eat one while driving to work.  Its basically just oats, banana, egg white and chocolate protein powder.  Tastes good though :-)

Have had a great week of training so far.  PB's on deadlifts, and today I worked my biceps so hard that I could barely make 6 reps on the last few sets.  Just need to keep the energy up for the rest of the week.  I have to make sure I get to bed early each night otherwise I'm going to be cactus by Friday!


Nat said...

Hi Hil,

I know what you mean about beig super organised. I used to do it every time I went to the gym ( 6 days) and I too shudder at using the public fac :( now however I live 5 mins walking distance, I love it :)
Have a good week!

Michelle said...

I have NEVER been able to get ready at the gym! SO much to carry and keep track of!


XX - MIchelle

Pip said...

LOL, - I too can relate to that getting ready for work at gym thing!

I do mainly early starts now, (4.30-6am starts) so the gym isn't frequented in the morning now! But last year with more 9am starts I did. I don't have a car so left home with my backpack which contained work clothes, shoes, towel, shampoo, conditioner, comb, hairties, cleanser, toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturisor, deodorant, suncreen, foundation, - gee have I forgotton something?

I always did! I went to work with uncombed hair back in a hair tie several times, or wearing wet workout socks inside my shoes! OR I forgot my shampoo! (We wear caps at work as I work in a food outlet).

You sound very organised though, - keep up the fab work Hil! Congrats on the PB's!


RaeC said...

I forgot my actual pants one day!! Had to put my sweaty gym ones back on after my shower to head back home and get them... LOL!!

So with that in mind, I now pretty much have two of everything, or if I take my hairspray, etc. out of my bag to use at home, it goes straight back into my gym bag. As for combs and brushes, I have two of each and one set always stays in my bag.

My whole outfit for work gets laid out on the bed the night before, right down to my underwear and fresh socks. Once I can look at it and see that everything is there it gets back into my bag.

It's taken some finessing, trial and error to get totally organised to get ready at the gym for work every day, but I think after 3 years I finally have it down to a fine art ;o)

Keep up the awesome work hon xxx

Janew said...

Hey Hilary,good to see your getting organised and staying motivated to train!most people would use the extra travel as an excuse not to train :-/

I usually workout all my work outfits for the week on a Sunday afternoon,hang them all in order in my closet so I dont have to think about it during the week when Im busy!

Hope you have a fantastic day today!
jane :)

Carolyn said...

Hi Hils!
Yep, I have left stuff at home too - bras, undies, socks. Having to 'reapply' the sweaty ones is just nasty, but unfortunately occasionally unavoidable!

I am like Rae - I have 2 of everthing, right down to shampoo +cond, cleanser, foundation, mascara, the lot! I also pack my bag the night before with EVERYTHING, including gym towel, bath towel, clothes, fresh gym gear if I am going back in the afternoon. I do it as soon as I get home, so it's a no brainer in the morning - just grab and run!


LizN said...

Yeah I've forgotten my undies more times than I care to remember :)

Liz N

Ali said...

Good idea getting ready at the gym, I have to come home to get kids organised ect and off to child care.

I forget things as well ;) after pm training I often go straight to tech and have had to wear stinky socks the things we do,

have a great weekend Hils!!

Do you wear thongs in the gym shower, I find that helps

Ali xx

Andj said...

Hi Hils,
I admire anyone who can get ready for work at the gym and be organised enough to do it well. i don't have an issue with packing everything or doing the getting ready thing but usually it is the night before prep that lets me down - the lunch making and the ironing of clothes. LOL

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