Monday, August 13, 2007

Ready, set...


Since my last challenge fizzled due to illness and lack of motivation, I've decided to bite the bullet and go for it again. I feel very soft and "frumpy" at the moment, and I dont like it. While in reality I have gained about 2kgs this winter, my muscle has definetely disappeared and I feel wobbly!

So on Saturday I bought myself a new goal/inspiration book, and spent hours on the internet printing off pictures of inspirational bodies. My favourtie is Maggie Diubaldo - how freaking inspiring is she???
So my new catch cry is "I will have a body like Maggie". I was showing OH her pictures on her website. I think he was highly amused that I was looking at pictures of half-naked women on the internet! Anyway, he highly approves of my choice. I'm pretty stoked with that cos he normally thinks all the fitness girls I admire are too big in the arms. Well, I want my arm-dents back. I want shoulders. I will be lean.

So on Saturday night after eating dinner,OH reached for his container of lollies (which unfortunately resides on the coffee table). I took a couple too, and had one halfway to my mouth when he said...

"Bet Maggie doesn't eat lollies..."

Mmmmm. Touche.

Sunday I was working out my training for the week when I suddenly realised with horror that on Monday the gym wouldn't open til 8am, since it was a local public holiday today (I still had to work though). So I dug out some fitness DVD's which I've had for months but never even looked at. And guess what - I did one then and there. It was sort of like a Pump class, with sections of cardio built in throughout. I used the lightest of handweights... and woke up SORE this morning! eeeek! Told you my muscles had disappeared!

So I got up at 5.30 this morning and did a kickboxing DVD in the loungeroom. OH was getting ready for work, I was horrified at having to do this when he was at home. I had visions of him sitting in the kitchen giggling at me behind my back. But I did it anyway, and I didn't hear him laugh once - not out loud anyway. Doing roundhouse kicks, jabbing, uppercutting and punching kinda make me self conscious - especially since OH used to do Muay Thai training.

So now my legs are sore from all the kicking and lunge-ing (sp?) - and tomorrow is scheduled to be back at the gym to train legs. I can feel the pain already.

Anyway, I'm feeling great and ready for a fantastic week. I'm focusing on achieving small daily goals, and focusing on progress, not perfection.

Time to just do it.


Andj said...

Hi Hils - That is a great goal. Maggie is definitely hot! You already have a similar body shape to her as well. I am feeling a little more motivated this week also - nothing like 10 weeks out to get a bit of motivation!

Pip said...

Maggie is sure hot hot hot!

Good on you for doing your kick arse workout Hils!

I'm with you though, - seriously on my last challenge which I fell short just short of the finish line very recently I really thought I had FINALLY got it together. I had a great first few weeks, (kept drinking wine moderate at weekends/no bingeing) and made progress. Then I started maybe drinking more wine, missing a workout or two throughout week and either maintained or made small progress fitness/fatloss wise. Then suddenly had my first SLIP of the challenge from drinking more than a bottle of wine at once, then felt the temptation to try a communal flat choccie. These chocolates had sat at flat for months, untouched, had never bothered me! But one choc lead to 5oog choc and cheese, then woke up feeling bloated and couldn't believe all the wrappers and empty wine bottle round me and had to buy more choccies before flatmates noticed. I STILL got over it, trained the following day and didn't put on weight that week. But then my b-day week I got through 5 bottles of wine, (2 is more normal, 5 was a once off!) in a week, missed 3 trainings but maintained but then sort of stayed off the wagon longer than 3 days after that and started eating junk again. And hard to stop eating that initial sugar and arse it back to the gym but after a couple of days it's sure worth it!

But it's up to me, - three different daily commitments are what I'm now doing! Doesn't sound like you've done anything as drastic as me!

Will follow your doings!

Kristy said...

Maggie looks great and what a great person to motivate you and your muscles will be back before you know it.

Magda said...

Great attitude. Nice determination. I can tell you're going places!! Keep up the awesome work and positive mindset.

Cheers Magda

Bec said...

Maggie is hot!!! Go Hils am sure you can achieve the "maggie body"....

Hope the wedding plans are going ok, have not heard much about them lately?!?!


LizN said...

Yes, I think Mags looks da bomb!

I used to do all my workout DVDs when hubbs wasn't looking. I felt like a real dork, punching in my loungerooms but some of my home workouts are tougher than the gym :)

Liz ;)

Splice said...

On your tiny frame a 2kg increase wouldn't even be seen :-)

Pip said...

Just checked out your pics on March 06 archive, - you look fantastic! Great similarities to Maggie there!

Sorry about my rant a bit earlier up in your comments, I can get on a tangent sometimes LOL!


Selina said...

At the risk of sounding like a bubble-brained Hilton "That's Hot"! ;)
I've left a msg on facebook for you :)

RaeC said...

Go to agree with you on Maggie... she is very inspirational!!

Go hard with your new challenge Hilary, you know you can do it and so do I!! xxx

Ali said...

I agree as well, MAgie sure is HOT;)

Good luck with your goals, you will do great!!!

Take care and have a great weekend,

Ali xx

Evie said...

Good luck with your new goal. You certainly are off and running with this one. Sounds as though there is no room for 'soft' in your mind.

Maggie is also one of my favourites


Oscar1986 said...

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Rachel said...

great goal and great to bump into you on Sat. Sorry for my sleep deprived haze - I'm a little out to it at the moment, last night being no exception. Maggie has one amazing physique. I say go for it!!