Monday, August 06, 2007

Spoke too soon...

Well I spoke too bloody soon in my last post didn't I! Hmmmph after saying that I was finally getting over my cold, on Wednesday night it hit me again, but instead of a headcold it has now travelled down my throat into my chest, and so now I get this wonderful burning in my chest every time I cough.

My appetite has dried up, and so has my energy, and motivation.

I have been to the chemist twice this week, the first one told me the only thing I could take was an Expectorant cough syrup, which I bought. The second chemist also suggested something to dry up my nose. The only problem being that I work at a manufacturing site which is subject to random drug tests... and apparently some cold and flu medication can test positive as an opiate. I bought some pseudoephedrine-free stuff - and I'll cross my fingers that the drug testers dont arrive this week!!!

I trained hard last week, but I still feel like my muscles are mush. And I've been eating so many Fishermans Friends that I've got a couple of mouth ulcers too - woe is me!! Shoot me now!

Only two days of work this week, then 3 days off!!!! I think I need it.


Sue Heintze said...

You haven't had a good run lately have you Hils? I hope things start to improve in a hurry. Take some time off and rest!


Lozza said...

No pseudoephedrine - bugger they are the best ingredient to a cold and flu tablet!

I hope you are feeling better soon, you poor thing, this dreaded season hasn't been your friend has it.

Get heaps of rest and rug up!


Splice said...

Sorry to hear you unwell :-(
Perhaps you need antibiotics? If you don't get better soon go and see the doctor.
Sending hugs,

Kimmy said...

Sending positive vibes your way - hope you are feeling well soon.

Kerry said...

Poor Hilary, this has not been a good winter for you.
Hopefully your days off will help you recover.
Best of luck with the recovery.


LizN said...

sending healing vibes your way :)

liz ;)

Selina said...

Man, you've been catching all the bugs haven't you!
HOpe you're feeling better, and enjoy your 3 days off to rest!