Friday, August 24, 2007

Ups and Downs

Its been a bit of a funny week.  Definetely not as good as last week, but at least that gives me something to work on.  I still have sore triceps from Tuesday, but I haven't trained as much as I wanted to.

No training yesterday cos I had my endoscopy (upper Gastroscopy), and it all went well.  I wasnt nervous at all, although I was rushed through everything so quickly that I began to feel a bit like I was being herded like cattle.  For some reason I thought I would have to get changed into a gown, and wear a hair net, take all my jewellery off and all that.  Well I didn't even have to take my jumper off!  The only thing I had to remove was my shoes.  So I laid down on the bed, and one minute I was having the cannula put in my hand and told to lie on my side, the mouth guard went in, and the next minute I woke up in the recovery area!  I checked my watch and only about 20 minutes had passed.  Anyway, I felt good, a bit groggy though.  The only side effect I had was that I developed the hiccups, which lasted for about 30 minutes.  Then about 3 hours later I got the hiccups again.  Weird.

I have to wait a week for the pathology results, then I can go to the doctor and find out the story.  The gastroenterologist said everything was fine.

This morning I got up to go to gym, and because its been raining so much in Brisbane lately I managed to bog my car in the gravel driveway... I was SOOOO angry!  I drove it forward, then reversed back only to bury the car deeper in gravel.  OH managed to get it out for me (although he only did the same as me - why did it work for him and not me???).  By then it was too late to go to gym, and I couldn't do a DVD at home because the little man arrived to do the wet-seal in our bathrooms at 6am.  So I was seething...

Anyway, put it behind me - if it keeps raining I will do a cardio sculpt DVD tomorrow morning, and if it stops raining I will take the dogs for a big powerwalk too.  There are still two more days left in this week - all is not lost!


Andj said...

Hi Hils,
don't you hate it when you get angry because things don't go to plan! Good to hear that your endoscope went well -I'm also surprised they didn't put you in a gown. They must be scrimping on laundry costs.

Ali said...

Very good to read that your endoscopy went well.

Hope you had a great weekend, they go by quickly donm't they??