Monday, August 20, 2007

Week 1 done

Off to a great start last week.

I've started working down at the Murwillumbah branch, so I've had to become super organised to get everything done.  From the time I get home from gym at about 6.45am, I've got about 30 minutes to get showered, dressed, hair done, make up and breakfast and be on the road.  Its taking me an hour and 15 minutes to get to work, and that's pretty much driving at 110 km/h the whole way.  In the afternoon it takes me about an hour and a half to get home. 

I had a fantastic week of training last week - I was pushing out some really good weights, had a seriously sore back and lats after Wednesday's session too.  My eats were on track, and I was feeling great, pretty tired though from not being able to sleep properly.  Then I hit a wall on the weekend.  On Saturday afternoon I was hit by this wave of exhaustion, wow it was bizarre.  I felt drunk!   I couldn't string sentences together properly (cos I couldn't think straight), I was dizzy and clumsy.  Within a few hours I had whacked my head into a vertical wall (so hard that my skull bounced!), slammed my finger in a sliding door, and almost poked my eye out.  We went out for dinner and I couldn't walk straight in my heels.  I must have looked like I was smashed.

Anyway, I think I might have been coming down with something, but I think I've managed to fight it off.  Yesterday I just lazed about, it was all I had the energy for.  OH thought I was getting the flu, but I didn't have any other symptoms other than extreme fatigue.   I managed to keep my food under control, and only added some extra carbs yesterday to help me out.  It was certainly weird, whatever it was.

I'm finally having my endoscopy on Thursday, fingers crossed! 

So again this week I'm aiming for progress.  All the little things add up to big things - so make em count!!


Michelle said...

EXACTLY - every little "right" DOES add up in the end!

Hope you keep that "bug" at bay!

XX - Michelle

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary,
I hope you are feeling better, it's everywhere, these horrible germs. Sounds like you are very busy, so keep up the good foods and fluid. How awesome is that maggie Dab...(sp) body that's my dream body, but mine has track marks from my 3 babies... see you on the forum...smiles...

Evie said...

It's a long journey down to Murwillumbah each day. I have done it for 7 years..and mine was only a 45min trip from the GC. Happy travelling!!


RaeC said...

I can totally relate to having to be super organised!!

I went from coming home from the gym in the morning, having breaky and getting ready to getting showered and changed at the gym, cooking my breaky the night before and nuking it at work, or cooking my oats at work for breakfast. Otherwise I was getting to work at 10 am!!

Good luck with the endoscopy hon xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Hilary -again,
Thanks for dropping by my blog, not many people have, so I get a little excited, lol.
It was meant to say DS11, had to buy a present for his girlfriend. I cracked up when I read your comment... I would be very, very worried if he had a 11 girlfriends, even though being a typical boy, that would sound great to him...

Janew said...

Hey Hilary

Great that your training is on track! Good work :)

Hope your feeling better now!

jane xo

Andrea said...

Hi Hils,
I don't envy our drive to work each day. I do however admire your dediacation to the gym! Perhaps you could start making breakfast smooties for days when you are feeling really rushed. I do it sometimes:
1/4 cup oats
scoop protein powder
100 ml water
100ml milk
couple of ice cubes
frozen rasberries are good to add in the protein powder is vanilla.

Nat said...

Hey Hillary,

Week 1 done and dusted, nice work!
I hope your feeling better and the bug doesnt come back.