Friday, February 27, 2009

Wedding planning

Last week I ended up having most of the week off training. I had a really really awful day last Tuesday, and ended up taking the day off work, mostly for emotional reasons!! I'm now going to have to get some minor surgery done in the next few months, which is really upsetting me. Its nothing life-threatening, but its upsetting all the same.

So last week I sulked, big time. But this week I've decided to "suck it up, princess!" and just get on with it. So I'm back training hard and eating clean. And I feel a lot better, except this morning I was just too shattered to get up and do step. I will take the dogs for a walk this arvy and then go for a powerwalk instead.

In an effort to distract myself, I've tried to throw myself into wedding planning. I have now FINALLY booked the venue for the ceremony and reception/party - and Saturday the 13th of June is the day! Then I started stressing because that is only about 4 months away, and I've pretty much done nothing except book the celebrant, get my dress and shoes, and order my ring.

SO! I've got lists galore! There are so many details to think about - and we wanted a simple wedding remember?? Ugh! You still have to think about what song to walk down the aisle to, what sort of cake to get, will we have cars or not, what will we do for music at the party/reception, what sort of invitations, the WORDING on the invitations... my list is endless!

We're having a cocktail style party for the reception, so we dont have to worry about sit down menus or seating arrangements, or bonbonniere, or table decorations etc so thats something I guess.

Last night I stayed up late researching DIY wedding invitiations on the internet. So then I went to bed and couldn't get to sleep, too busy thinking about everything I needed to do... I think wedding planning is bad for your health!

And all the guy has to do is turn up!


Andrea said...

LOL - I think I had many sleepless nights going over the lists in my head.
I'm glad that you are feeling better now Hilary - wedding planning is a good distraction.

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Oh Hils, I hope everyting is okay? I didn't get to see you at the gym at all this week.

please have a relaxing weekend! makes for a better week next week.

KRISTIN said...

hope it all goes well Hils... whatever it is, i'm sure you'll be fine... good luck with the wedding preps! sounds stressful!

Kelly & Kane said...

Hey Hilary,
Let me know if you need any ideas, I think most of my wedding is planned and its still 9 months away. I have had so long to think about it though. I especially love our wedding dance song.

Frankie said...

I'm sure you'll be fine. Don't worry, you've just got a lot on your plate right now with wedding and all.

I love cocktail style weddings. I had one of those, nice and relaxed.

Kerry W said...

Hey Hilary

Sounds like alot of people have had a crappy training week (including me). Glad you're feeling better though, and it helps having your wedding plans for a distraction.

I won't forget your wedding date...ours is the 10th June, and we had it on the Queen's birthday weekend. Great excuse for anniversary celebrations every year. So, does that mean your wedding is on the Queen's birthday long weekend too?

Hope this coming week is a great one for you!

Ciao :)

Nicole P said...

Hi Hilary! You're wedding will be the day before ours!! :) One expense is the friggin invites but I found a lady on ebay that does it for a full time job. You basically pick a design of hers that you like, change the colours etc and then she will print, cut and paste it all together! Her website is - however I did find her through ebay and she does have some invites on there that are cheaper than what she has on her website. If you need any ideas for anything else just let me know! My email is: - try not to stress cause you can get it done in a short period of time :) Nicole xxxx

Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary, I hope all is ok. I am thinking of you. At least the wedding planning is taking your mind off things and it is heaps of fun. I love that stuff!

Thanks about the eyes, I am a bit scared now.... But adfter tuesday I am sure I will never look back.


Hilary said...

You're right Andj, wedding planning is a perfect distraction - too much so sometimes!

Thanks Doris, I think you were in the zone and didn't see me!

Thanks Kristin!

Wow Kelly, you sound so organised! I've got a shortlist of songs now, so fingers crossed OH likes some of them!

Thanks Frankie, yes I agree that cocktail style weddings are much more relaxed - more our style.

Kerry our wedding date is the weekend after the long weekend - some other friends are getting married the weekend before us. I think its a popular weekend!

Nicole thank you so much for the website, they look fantastic! Have emailed you :)

Thanks Rebecca, wedding planning is fun, but there's also so much to think about! Good luck with your eyes!

Hilary xx