Monday, February 02, 2009


Firstly, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support and words of wisdom re my last blog post, very much appreciated! You are all beautiful people!

The rest of the week was much less dramatic :) and everyone is friends again, which is good. I dont sleep well when I'm not friends with people LOL! OH and I are both stubborn and we are both the youngest in our families, so we're used to getting our own way! I have to just accept that people want to help and have input in a wedding, and that I cant do it all myself.

This weekend was very sedate. I spent most of Saturday weeding our gravel driveway. I was bent over, yanking out those big "spider" weeds because the ground was still moist from the recent rain. Consequently I got sunburned in a strip accross my lower back (think brickies-bum!!) which is the most stupid, painful spot to get sunburned! It is absolutely roasted, and right where the back of my pants sit. It wasn't even sunny, it was quite overcast and a bit drizzly all day, go figure. I also can now barely walk because my hamstrings are so sore, from bending at the waist all day. It is most strange to have sore hammies, and perfectly fine quads!

After all that weeding, I filled the wheelbarrow 5 times. And then I look at the driveway and think "it barely looks like I've touched it" - gah! there are so many weeds! Ohhhh I would love a concrete or bitumen driveway!

Not much else going on, I'm getting into a really good routine now with training and nutrition, although I'm really struggling to get to gym for opening time in the mornings. I used to be there before they open (5.30am), but now I'm regularly 15 minutes late... tut tut!

I've been seeing a nice, slow downward trend on the scales too lately, which I'm loving. Had a roast dinner at the in-laws last night though, which caused a nasty spike this morning.

I'm excited that The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance are back on too - both TV shows that make me really conscious about what I'm eating... especially with all those hot bodies in SYTYCD! I dont watch a huge amount of TV, but I make exceptions in this case :)

Better go start dinner... TTFN.


Kristy said...

Ouch, I hope your sunburn gets better soon...

Great job on the downward movement on the scales

little rene said...

Hey Hilary :)

Glad to hear that everything has settled down for you. My In-Laws were very heavily involved in the organisation of our wedding and it wasn't until after I got married that I realised that contrary to what everyone says a wedding day is NOT just about the bride and the groom.

It is a massive celebration and milestone for both sets of parents as well. To see your child grow up, fall in love and then commmit to their lover for life is an amazing journey to share with your child and I can only hope that I get to share this journey with Maya.

During the lead up to our wedding I decided to choose my battles, these were things that I stood frim on, and the rest I remained really flexible about.

As a result our wedding day was a really beautiful, relaxed and special day with no angst or misery.

I hope that everything runs smoothly for you too from now on xxx

Pip said...

Glad to hear things have settled down in regard to you're wedding Hils! I hope you can enjoy, (and feel excited) about the lead up from now! Exciting times! I'm gonna be a bridesmaid for my younger sis on 14 Nov this year in NZ, - can't wait!

Great work on the training and scale movement, - I reckon you are gonna look a lean, buff, beautiful bride!

Hope the sunburn and hammies heal soon :-)

Ali said...

OWWW Hope your sunburn is all gone, I've been very slack in the blogging department, great to hear your training is going so well, and wonderful that the wedding side of things has settled down,