Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back online, and dramas

Internet is back on, turns out we had a broken cable. You really dont realise how much you use the internet and email, until you're without it for a week! Withdrawals!!!

So we had a lovely Australia Day weekend, especially Sunday - we went and had breakfast/brunch with a group of friends, and then went and had a game of beach cricket and worked off all the food we'd just eaten! Lots of fun.

I had trouble with food this weekend - its just been too hot to eat. It has been sooo humid, the air is really thick and just completely saps your strength. For me, it also removes any appetite. I had to force myself to eat. Even then, I managed about 3 meals each day - not good. OH only ate once on Monday! I did manage to have a bit of a "whoosh" on the scales last week though prior to this extreme humidity, which I'm quite pleased about. :-)

Wedding stuff - we had major, major dramas on Monday, with regards to our wedding. I spent most of Australia Day in tears over it. Weddings seem to bring out the worst in people, and everyone gets so sensitive. I'm not going to go into details, but the end result is that we're postponing our wedding until (probably) June... oh well at least it gives me a bit more time to get stuff organised. I'm still trying to take deep deep breaths over this and calm down.

Its my birthday today (boo) so I'm planning on splashing out and enjoying some thai food tonight, chicken and cashew sounds like the go - yum!


Andrea said...

You are so right Hilary - wedding do bring out the worst in people. As do babies - I think they think that suddenly they have a right to interfere in part of your life that they didn't before.
Have a great birthday today.

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Hils, i knew i was to remember something. At the gym after talking to you, I was thinking, there was something I had to tell Hils..........hmmmmm........then I remember on the way to work, driving in traffic. it was your birthday.
Happy Birthday chicki! Have a great day ad remember what I said, it is yours and your partners day, not anyone elses!

KRISTIN said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILs! I hope things look up for your wedding plans... I'm sure it'll all work out for the best. Keep your chin up :)

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday Hilary. have a great day and a great meal!

Frankie said...

Happy Birthday!

Geez family can be a pain in the butt can't they?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hilary...

At the end of your day it's about what makes you and your partners day, no one has a right to interfear, seriously it does bring out the inner devil, but remember you have waited all your life, to have what you and OH want, Thats what matters at the end of the day...

Hope your day is better, enjoy your dinner sweetie...

LizN said...

Happy Birthday Hilary...been there and done that and can laugh now, but hurts at the time.

Kerry W said...

Hope you have a fab birthday Hilary! :)

Yes, I think family forget quickly exactly 'whose' wedding it is. Hope they see some sense and things work out exactly how you want them to.

Ciao...Kerry :)

RaeC said...

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!! I hope your birthday pressie is that everyone pulls their heads in and realises just whose day the wedding actually is... LOL!! xxx

Splice said...

Happy Birthday Hilary!!!
I hope your having a better day today, no more tears :-(

Wedding planning, sounds like your right on target, unfortunatley that is what happens in 90% of wedding plans!
The good news is that the wedding day is happy and joyful and you will have the time of your lives.


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Hilary. :o) xxx

little rene said...

Happy Birthday chickie :)

Kimmy said...

Hi Hilary - happy belated birthday. Just remember that most people getting married go through exactly the same challenges you are going through at the moment. My daughter is getting married and has told me that I have no say in anything at all to do with the wedding, guests, venue etc etc and although I would love to help I am not interferring at all and it is just lovely to watch her organising everthing herself - it is such a beautiful time and very special. I am just getting involved only when she asks (this is a challenge for me :) - I am really enjoying the process. "Us" as mothers etc just want the best for our children (even if somethings it doesn't seem that way :) and sometimes what we think is best is not necessarily what our kids think :) so as a mother sometimes we just have to pull our heads in and let our kids grow. Just remember the people who give in to make others feel better always get more back tenfold.
Enjoy the process and don't stress.
Live with Passion and enjoy every moment.

Hilary said...

Thanks Andj, you mean I've got that to look forward to as well!???

LOL Thanks Doris! Hope you had a great birthday too.

Thanks Kristin!

It was a lovely meal thanks Kristy!

Frankie they certainly can be, lets hope this is the last of it.

Jools you are so right, and that's what we've said all along, but it seems to be a little tougher to put into practice!

Thanks Liz, I'm sure I'll laugh at this one day too!

Here's hoping it will be a great wedding anyway Kerry, regardless of the dramas!

Rae you make me laugh! I dont think thats gonna happen though!

Thanks Deb, I'm sure it will be a distant memory on the actual day.

Thanks Lia!

Thanks Rene!

Kimmy thank you for your perspective, I know you're right! I think the problem is that OH and I are both so fickle and determined to do things OUR way!

Hilary xx