Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Silly Rabbit

So last night, before I decided to go to bed, I made the dumb-arse decision to flick through my copy of "Cosmo Bride"... I ended up reading a few articles and getting a few ideas for our big day.

But then I decided to go to bed, and because I was all stupidly excited about wedding plans, and had a million-and-one ideas buzzing through my brain, I couldn't sleep!!! I looked at the clock every hour, and for each hour in between I worked feverishly to get my brain to SHUT UP! LOL! Eventually managed about 4 hours of shut-eye.

So to quote O-Ren Ishii (played by Lucy Liu in Kill Bill) - "Silly Rabbit"

Today I'm having trouble raising my arms above shoulder height - my chest is super sore, I mean I can poke myself under the collar bones and I'm like, ouch.

After my silly rabbit moment last night and a lack of sleep, I skipped gym this morning. I made up for it this afternoon though by taking the dogs for a walk, and then doing a bloody awful/amazing circuit type workout in the rumpus room - it was a crazy combination of pop squats, high knees, barbell squats, good mornings, and jump lunges - I gave myself about 15-20 seconds rest between 45 second rounds, and I was GASPING for air!! Ugh I felt unfit. It was a good makeshift workout though.

Anyway, enough ramblings, I'm off to start making dinner!


Andrea said...

I loved Cosmo bride - it was by far my favourite bridal mag.

Those impromptu at home workouts are sometimes the best I reckon.

RaeC said...

Well... I guess you won't be using Cleo Bride again any time soon as bedtime reading!! I can imagine how excited you must be, can't wait for the big day and see the pics, you are going to make a stunning bride xxx

Rebecca said...

Oh I can't wait to hear all about your gorgeous wedding plans. Damn magazines and their fancy ideas!! Lol.

I am the same, sometimes I want to try to study before bed, but know that then I won't be able to turn my brain off.

Keep us posted with the exciting plans :)