Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Broken: one telephone line

Excuse my absence, my home telephone connection and ADSL is broken. :-(
The phone company came out but couldn't fix it from the outside (I was in Toowoomba at the time) so they're coming back on Saturday morning so they can test the line into the house, and also the connection in the house.
OH is having internet withdrawals... and its making it a bit complicated to do my IBO work.
Fingers crossed its fixed soon!


Kristy said...

Hope your phone line gets fixed very soon Hilary... I'd be having Internet with drawls too

Rebecca said...

Sorry it is all broken, damn it!

We can't wait to hear all the latest wedding plans!!!

RaeC said...

Oh no!! I hate not having internet connection... you must be having such withdrawal symptoms!! Hope it's fixed soon xxx

Hilary said...

Thanks Kristy, you really dont realise how much you rely on the internet!!

Hi Rebecca, I'm back and wedding plans with be coming soon!

Thanks Rae, all fixed now!

Hilary xx