Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This week I have...

  • felt so sad hearing the terrible stories with the bushfires down south
  • had an awesome shoulder workout on Monday
  • pulled a muscle in my left trapezius (refer to above comment) which is making me stink from Tiger Balm
  • sweltered through a 37 degree humid day in our office with broken air conditioning
  • discovered that I really like Earl Grey tea
  • damaged my car!!  Tuesday morning 5.30am, still half asleep, trying to park my car in the gym carpark, and scraped the front bumper against a concrete pillar.  aaarrrghh!  Its a company car, so dont have to pay for it though!
  • started to feel my clothes get a bit looser.



Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Must be a week of scrapes!! I side swiped my ute this morning at the gym. I parked too close to the column and as I pulled out, I scraped the side of my car at the back, but I own my car so I have to fix it. Bugger!

little rene said...

Yay for loose clothes :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a full week Hilary, I am glad that all your hard work is starting to pay off on the fitness side of things. Woo hoo!!

SeLiNa said...

Hey Hils,
so what's the verdict for Saturday? Are you able to make it to RPM?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Focus on the positives and make next week brighter and better Hilary.

Well done on your clothes feeling loser, what you're doing is obviously working by those results there.

Lia xxx

Hilary said...

Hey Doris, that sucks about your car! Those concrete pillars are a bit of a hazard in the carpark arent they!

Thanks Rene!

Thanks Rebecca, yes its nice to see some reward for hard work :)

Sent you an email Selina!

Thanks Lia, will do!

Hilary xx