Monday, February 16, 2009

I will sleep anywhere, and in any position mum, as long as its on your lap

Taken over the course of a few days...
Oh, the life of a cat!
This is comfy, mum...

This isn't very comfy, but I'll sleep in this position anyway...

This is ridiculous, how do you expect me to sleep like this?! Oh but I'll sleep here anyway...

I went for a massage on the weekend, and she says my whole left rotator cuff group of muscles is inflamed. After the massage it still feels like I have rocks in my traps, I have to go back for another massage next weekend. I constantly stink of Tiger Balm, actually I think my skin is starting to peel from over-use!
Went to attempt a shoulder/bi's/tri's workout this morning, but once I got to gym I elected to skip the shoulder part completely - still too sore. Mind you, all of the exercises made it hurt. Stupid body.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


LizN said...

Hilary, I love your kitty! Is she Siamese or Siamese/Burmese x?


Frankie said...

Those oriental cats are hilarious. They will sleep anywhere. Our friends had one that would sleep on a ledge that was about 2 inches wide (and it fell off quite often!).

I'm feeling your traps. Got a couple of rocks in mine I think. I find a tennis ball pressed on the area and rolled around a bit can release the tension a bit. Works for me anyway.

Hope it settles down.



Kristy said...

What a cute little cat Hilary.

I sometimes which I had a cat to keep me company... Does this cat shed much hair?

Sam D-M said...

Hey Hil, hope that shoulder gets better soon!


little rene said...

What a little cutie! i would love a cat but Hubby HATES them with a passion!

Kerry W said...

Hi Hilary

Hope your shoulders are feeling better. It's quite annoying. I get alot of tension in my shoulders too. A massage does do wonders. Oh! I use a baseball as a opposed to a tennis ball on the knots (cause I love the pain...he..he..and the relief after).

Do you see a chiropractor? If my muscles aren't settling down, I usually find it's because my spine is out somewhere. My rib can also be out, giving me shoulder tension.

Ciao...Kerry :)

Hilary said...

Hi Liz, yes he's a noisy Siamese! Lub him lots though!

LOL Frankie that is funny, they do tend to sleep wherever dont they! I do a similar thing with my sore muscles, except I used juggling balls instead of tennis balls!

Kristy, Connor sheds some hair, but nothing like a long haired cat. The trouble is that he's a white-ish colour, and so whenever I wear black it gets all over you.

Thanks Sam, its feeling a lot better now.

Rene, my other half hates cats too, but luckily I had Connor before OH came along, so he had no choice! They both dislike each other though :)

Hi Kerry, my second massage worked wonders! Yes I see a chiro too, I've been going to mine for about 12 years, he can fix almost anything!

Hilary xx