Monday, December 04, 2006

My jeans fit !!!!!

Last Friday I tried on those couple of pairs of jeans that I have that I couldn't get into, and they now fit!!!!!! There is one pair that I probably still wouldn't wear in public at the moment, but the others are fine now... this was my major goal for the trip, so with a couple of weeks to go, everything should be fitting just perfectly! Sweet!

The weekend was busy again, as usual. Saturday: up early and took the dogs for a walk, then coffee with a friend and an optomotrist appointment. Got some more stuff for the trip (a satin eye mask, a large red handbag so I can carry more crap around with me, a new belt, and a travel journal) and actually have started putting things in the suitcase, which is exciting. Saturday night we went to a BBQ - BF had been working like a trojan all day building our new electric gates, so I let him drink. Its easier to stay on plan when you are the designated driver! I had far too many crackers and Castello cheese though - yum!

Sunday i went and got my hair done - I had a fair bit of length chopped off, and a colour, plus this gorgeous slash of colour down the right side of my head. Its bright orange, maybe an inch and a half thick - I love it. Then I filled my nails, and did a french polish - so I'm feeling all girly again. Ahhhh grooming up to date!

On Sunday afternoon we shaved Elke. Its been sooo hot for her. She had lovely shiny hair down her back, very silky and soft, but she would never let you near her rear end to brush it. Consequently the bottom section of her was all matted and knotted - her tail was pretty much dreadlocks. So she got clipped. I will have to post a photo, she is a little bit funny looking, poor thing, mostly because we left her head as it was, just trimmed it a bit. So she looks like a black lion, only little. Felt sorry for her, because it had been hot and humid all day, and as soon as we shaved her down to a one-blade, this storm came over and it rained and got quite cool. Poor little thing was curled up in a little ball in her bed! Must have felt quite strange for her, but I'm sure she'll appreciate it in the hot days to come.

I'm taking her for a walk this afternoon, I hope the other dogs dont laugh at her! :)

21 days to go! The days are going so fast, I bet the holiday will be over just as quick!


Di Broeren said...

Oh that is a great feeling when you try clothes on and they fit! Keep up the great work!


RaeC said...

WOOOO HOOOO!! You go Hilary!! That is awesome news. Was it blue Castello or White Castello??? I'm just as happy with either or :o) We must have piccies of your new hair xxx

RaeC said...

That exciting bit at the start was about the jeans fitting and not that you ate cheese by the way... on reading back what I wrote it appears as though I am getting excited about the fact you ate cheese... LOL!!

Ali said...

21 days!!! my goodness how time flies. Great to hear your jeans fit isn't it a wonderful feeling fitting into clothes you haven't worn for a while.

By the way your profile pic is awesome Hilary!!!! I had forgotten to say so.


Hilary said...

Thanks Di, its been a bit of a long slog to get back into those jeans! Its a matter of principle not buying the next size up!

LOL Rae! I knew what you meant! And by the way, it was White Castello, have never been brave enough to try the blue, OMG that stuff is to die for isn't it???

I know Ali, its amazing how fast this year has gone! Those 21 days will fly by, and the holiday will be over in a blink too!

Hilary xx

little rene said...

I'm hearing you on the "principle" thing Hilary.

I have 6 pairs of brand new jeans in my wardrobe that don't fit me at the moment and I REFUSE to buy any others. I don't fit into them yet but I am working on it!

I want to see the new hair as well :)

Chontelle said...

Great news about the jeans... what a great feeling!

Hair sounds great... please show us pics!!!