Monday, December 11, 2006


I had a bad week last week.  Not enough exercise, too much bad food.  I'm blaming the hormones - bloody PMT!   Cranky, moody, bloated, emotional basket-case, cravings, arguement-picking... that pretty much sums up my week last week!

Anyway, putting it behind me now.  My weight went up over the weekend, and everything feels huge at the moment... boobs, bum, belly!  Blah! 

Saturday was a big walk with the dogs, and then I tried to finish my Christmas shopping, I got close, but didn't quite finish it.  We had the electrician around all day fixing our new gates, intercom, and outdoor lights.  The dogs got bathed (Elke took much less time to bath now that she's got no hair!).  Saturday night dinner with friends.

Sunday morning we awoke to the sight of a dead possum on one of the dogs beds.  We have no idea which one of them did it, but we were most unimpressed.  BF went outside to put the poor thing in a bag, and turned to look at me in horror... there was a little baby possum lying beside it.  It was about the length of your thumb, no hair, it was so young that its eyes werent even open yet.  And then... it moved - it was alive.  Poor BF, he was so upset.  So we scooped up the poor little baby, and I rang the 24 hour emergency vet number.  It was heartbreaking - when we first picked it up it was as cold as ice, I put my finger out to touch it and it grabbed my finger with all four legs, just like a human baby does with your finger.  So we put it in a little box with cotton wool, wrapped it in a heat-bag, and we rushed it up to the Animal centre.  Poor little possum bub.  It didnt take long for him to warm up with the heat bag, and the vet nurse said they would do what they could, but it was probably just too little to survive.  So sad.

So then I went to the shops and bought bells for the dogs collars.  They sound like cats running around now, but who cares as long as it saves the wildlife.

It is two weeks today that we leave on our trip.  In fact, by this time in a fortnight, we should be in Singapore.  It feels like its coming so quick, but also like it will never get here.  The anticipation is half the fun I think.

And... 3 more sleeps til Robbie!


Michelle said...

SO sad about the little possum!! At least you guys did the best that you could!!!

Talk Soon -

Ali said...

Ow how sad, animals can be monsters can't they, our beautiful dog managed to kill my very beloved chickens when she was very young, ow dear I know how you both must have felt. Well you did the best you could for the little fella.

Two weeks!!!! My goodness that is just awesome. i sent you a quick email update this morning, take care and have a great week.


LizN said...

Hope Robbie was good. I would love to see a report and I love Singapore!

Liz ;)

RaeC said...

Oh, poor little possum!! Usually when they are that close to civilisation they are so trusting too. I remember when we went around Australia with the family when I was little, we stayed in a caravan park in Streaky Bay. There was a mother possum with a baby in it's pouch that would come and visit every night and just LOVED the cream biscuits we fed her. She would take the biscuit, twist it apart with her hands and lick the cream off it... LOL!! She was too cute :o)

Good luck with finishing off the Chrissy shopping!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Hils i can sympathise with your week... i had a shocking week also and managed to find a few extra cm... not impressed...

Two weeks til your hols... YAY you will be so excited... you best post pics so we can all see as well....

Talk soon

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better:)
Sounds like you have been one busy bee, not to mention getting up close and personal with the wild life gosh!
It is sad but you can only do so much, when we were on the farm we saved a crow and many rabbits not to mention all the lizards dad and i nursed back to health mum hated it LOL
have a fantasstic weekend hun:)