Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Some photos

"The wilderness" Our front yard - before bobcat. This is looking from the house to the front fence.

The Lawn! Our front yard - after bobcat and turf.

Our new car, parked on our lovely dirt driveway where its getting quite filthy.

"What have you done to me?!!!!"

Poor Elke, after being shaved on Sunday. She looks like a little puppy here, but she's a 3 year old border collie cross Keeshond. Its just the head that looks a little strange. I'm sure it wont take too long for the rest of it to grow back, but in the meantime she's gotta be loving the feeling of being cool.


Tracey said...

Woohoo, the yard looks great :)

Poor doggy, oh well at least he will be cooler now.

Noice new car too.

LizN said...

Elke does look a bit of a sight, but comfort rules everytime :)

lIZ :)

Splice said...

What a difference a bobcat can make! ;-)

Your car is very nice you must be very happy with it.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Poor Elke, how cute is he.... didnt look too happy with the new hair cut though.... Yard looks great as does the new car, very flash!!!

As for your comment on my blog, the pic is a professional one we had family pic's done for Mum's 50th 12 months ago.

Keep up the good work, you will love your holiday even more!!

RaeC said...

New garden... new car... new hair... look at you!!

And I agree with you on the "Poor Elke"... she looks FAR from happy, probably about having her photo taken and being immortalised on the internet for eternity... I'd be the same too because that's the kind of shaving that's going to get her picked on by the other puppies in the Dog Park... LMAO!! xxx

Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness Hilary, you did so well with that yard. It must have taken ages!! Good on you. And the car is lovely. Very, very nice.

I am moving this weekend and I know you have just been through all that. Wish me luck!!


Ali said...

Your car looks great, ..... AWWW look at your pouch!!

She must feel better for the short hair though.

have a great weekend!!


Lia Halsall said...

WOW what a transformation you made, must of been a lot of work go into that.

Poor Elke doesn't look very happy, maybe cooler but certainly not happy. LOL!! My mum did that to her miniature pomeranian and it never grew back but you didn't want to hear that did you. :o) xo

Selina said...

Amazing what a bit of chopping down and tidying up can do to the yard! Looks great, and your grass is slightly green... that's uncommon in QLD at the moment!
Your dog looks very impressed...!!
And where's the pic of your new hair?!?!?!?! Would love to see it :)