Friday, December 15, 2006

Robbie Report

Wow what a fantastic night!  I'm not hungover, but I am sooo tired!!   It was a fabulous concert, my feet are still sore from standing up and bopping all night, and my voice is a bit hoarse from singing and "woohoo-ing" all night!

So it was a great show, the support act (Sneaky Sound System) did not impress, but other than that it was a fabulous night!  We got ready at work (and this started from about 3pm yesterday afternoon) - so it was fun trying to find a spot by the mirror in the bathroom!  We left work at 4-ish and went to one of the ladies houses for a quick glass of champers, and then into a mini-bus and to the stadium.  The corporate box was open air - and we had a few plates of nibblies and finger food through the night - I even managed to eat 2 King Prawns, and I dont like prawns, so this was impressive for me!  I managed to eat more than my share of cheese and crackers though!   But OMG it was so hot and humid, I was wishing I hadn't worn jeans, and I would have killed for a hair band to tie my hair up cos the back of my neck was all sticky... yuk!  I had a couple of glasses of wine, and about 3 bottles of water, had to stay well-hydrated.

When Robbie came on it was just this amazing atmosphere, everyone screaming and jumping.  It was great - I took a few photos so I will try to post them, but they are a bit fuzzy because I had to use the digital zoom to get close enough to see him.  We were about halfway down the stadium, so we had a pretty good view, but still a little far away for photos.  It was weird because I kept finding myself watching the screens, rather than the "actual Robbie" on stage - everyone else said they kept catching themselves doing the same thing.   He had to be finished by 10.30 because of the noise restrictions around Suncorp Stadium, and he actually finished by 10.20.  So we were back on our bus by 10.30, and I was home by 11.30. But that is suuuuper late for me and I am so tired! 

Anyway, a great night and we are all walking around with big sleepy grins on our faces today!

Yesterday I jumped on the scales and found myself at 56.8kgs - woohoo!  I have been hovering just above 57kgs for so long now, it was nice to break into the next bracket down.  I was over that this morning, bit too many carbs last night took its toll, and not going to gym this morning probably didn't help.  Hey - sometimes sleep has to take priority!

Well thats about it from this tired little bunny - looking forward to a good sleep tonight.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Shar said...

Hi Hils!!

Sounds like robbie was great!! Wanted to see him in Perth but it was just to close to us leaving for the UK.

Hope you are looking forward to your trip! Its freezing here!! but great to be here with my family!

If I don't comment again, have a great time!

Shar x

Anonymous said...

Hi Hils,

I went to Robbie on the 14 th as well he was amazing. I have to agree about the jeans and hair band I felt the same. I can't wait fro him to come back again. I will be ther with bells on.


Anonymous said...

Sorry have a spelling problem today.


Splice said...

Hi hilary!
You cracked the 57kgs mark woohoo, well done lol.
Looks like alot of people went to see Robbie, glad you had a great time.
Have a wonderful Christmas and we will catch up in the new year.

Hilary said...

Shar you wouldn't believe how excited I am now! Sorry to hear that its so cold, hopefully the weather will be kind to us while we're over there.

Hi Davina, Robbie was great wasnt he? It was just a great show and he's an awesome entertainer!

Hi Deb, will definetely have to catch up in the new year, although I think I might be a bit over the 57kgs by then!

Hilary xx