Sunday, September 02, 2012

One step forward, two steps back

Just when I was starting to feel really good, and getting into a bit of a groove with my training, it all came to a grinding halt last week.

Last Monday, I kicked butt... morning interval jog on the treadmill, with an audience of two little ones, one cheering me on, the other grizzling in his walker.  Kidlets went down for their afternoon nap, and I kicked butt again with a leg session.  Except I haven't trained legs for... oh I wanna say months... but lets face it, its probably been over a year since I did anything resembling squats, lunges or deadlifts.

So, realising this, I went really light with the weights I used.  Finished the session feeling wobbly, but really pleased with myself.

Then of course, I could barely walk from Tuesday onwards.

And I also picked up a stomach bug or something on Tuesday... started out with really bad indigestion, and progressed to awful stomach cramps, and running for the toilet for two days (and let me tell you, THAT is not fun when you have severe leg muscle soreness to boot).  I started to feel human again on Friday, but just extremely dehydrated and lethargic.  So I've rested.  I've slept.  I've needed it.

In my head, this all sounds like excuses.

I've come out the other side of this feeling really bloated.  Not sure if its the after effects of popping Imodium's like lollies, or the dehydration or what.  Not helped by all the dry toast I've been eating.  But anyway, I feel yuk. 

This week will be better, I can assure you.

Onward and upward



I got sick of the permanent pony-tail.  In my general rush to get out the door most mornings, I had slipped into MUNDANE-mode, choosing to slick my hair back into its comfortable, easy, no fuss, no-effort-required hairdo.  Every day, the same.

Well, you cant really wear long hair OUT, when you have a baby around - they just want to grab it and yank on it all the time.  Not to mention that it constantly gets in the way, hangs in your face and is generally annoying.

I had long been feeling slack, boring and uninspired.

So I got my hair chopped off.


Note: I never wore it out, I just did it like this for the photo


Front view, still giving the illusion of length

Back view: ALL GONE!!  EEEK!

Ok I'm still getting used to it, I was slightly freaked out when it was first done, but I like it now, and hubby apparently likes it too - phew!  Now the only problem is that I need to find time to actually blow dry it every morning!

Cant stop buying

Do you have little “addictions” to things, things that you cant stop buying?

I have come to the realization that I have a little addiction to buying nail polish.

I already have a pretty impressive collection of colours. I’ve just counted over 45 bottles of regular nailpolish in my little black box.

But since having Koby, I need to wear quick-dry polish, since I don’t get the luxury of painting my nails and then having a good couple of hours to let them dry properly.  And yes, I must have painted nails, its a "non-negotiable" with me.

So I started a new little collection of quick-dry nail polish colours. I found a bunch on special at Target, and went a little crazy buying them. I now have an additional 24 bottles of quick-dry polish to add to my collection.

I may have gone a little overboard (you think?), but you can never have too many colours, can you?

They were on special, how could I resist?  So pretty!

In the past, I’ve had problems with a propensity to purchase sunglasses… because of my eyes. Due to extreme short-sightedness, I had eye operations a few years ago - and ever since then, I’ve bought sunglasses with gay abandon. When you spend the first 30-odd years of your life not being able to wear sunnies because of your thick, dorky prescription glasses, well, its liberating I tell ya. I literally cannot walk into a ladies fashion store without trying on all the sunglasses beside the counter. I have dozens. In my defense, I always buy the cheapies, until hubby finally relented this year and I got my first pair of Prada sunglasses for my birthday (but even then they were not ridiculously expensive ones)

I also have a slight addiction to lip balm. Must have one in every room of the house, one beside the bed, one in my handbag, one in the kitchen, one at the computer etc etc.

Do you have any little retail addictions like these?


Magda said...

Errrr no retail additions but I LOVE your hair cut. It looks so chic and definitely not mundane.

xx m

Sandra said...

Ditto what Magda said, LOVE that hair style. I have sooo many bottles of nail polish, problem is, I always seem to go for the same colours...they all look different in the store but when I get them home, I realise it's just a different brand but same colour LOL

Hilary said...

Thanks girls - just catching up on comment replies! I'm used to the hair-do now, but some days I still wish I could just slap it back into a ponytail, we cant win can we?