Monday, August 27, 2012

I love

I love watching her eat popcorn.

Sometimes, while we wait for Koby to wake from his morning nap, we have popcorn. I like the home-made version with a microwave, brown paper lunch bag, a little oil and some sticky tape – add a sprinkle of herb salt and she’s good to go.

She’s a popcorn fiend… she devours it like theres no tomorrow – sucking down those salty, crackly little puffs of corn so hard that I swear that they barely touch the sides.

And the bonus is that it gives mummy a little time on the computer, or put a load of washing on. Combine a bowl of popcorn with Playschool on TV, well, mama gets half an hour to herself.

I love his expressions

Every morning when I go to his room and pick him up from his cot, his face lights up with joy. He’s all smiles and coos excitedly. He’s hungry and opens his mouth wide, searching for that satisfying flow of milk that he knows is coming, any… minute… now. Smacking his lips together in anticipation.

Can this boy eat? Hell yes he can eat. Now that he’s on solids properly, he’s making up for lost time. He never knocks anything back, and just when I think he cant possibly fit another thing in, I hand him a cracker or a toast finger, and he wallops that off as well.

His expressions as he grows and changes are just so beautiful. Its hard work trying to capture them all – you gotta be quick with the camera! Add some rosy-red cheeks due to teething, and he’s a heartbreaker for sure.

Here is his "Oh really?" expression:

I just cant stop kissing these smooshy little cheeks. This beautiful baby stage just doesn’t last long enough, so I’m making the most of this special time with him, right now.

I love summery dresses

I’m not usually a fan of skirts or dresses. Give me a pair of jeans or shorts any day. My reasoning has always been: if you wear a skirt, you have to sit like a lady. Yeah, I’m all class.

I only wear dresses to weddings.

But something has happened to me this winter. I’ve found myself scouring online stores, searing for summery dresses. And I’ve actually bought a few.

I have visions of myself wearing floaty, florally summer dresses, strolling along beaches with one kid on my hip and the other one running beside me – the wind whipping my hair around my face and a pair of cool sunglasses perched on my head. Maybe I throw in a twirl or two in these visions.

Yes there is something strange going on with me – I have never been a ‘girly’ girl, but here I am, suddenly wanting to be more ‘girly’. More and more I am trading my beloved black nail polish, for pinks and reds, and pastel colours.  More and more I'm swapping blue jeans for red ones.

Going to take these dresses and skirts to Fiji, and give them a trial run.

I'm also loving feeling my muscles again - its been a long time.  This afternoon I did a proper leg session, squats, lunges, deadlifts, pop-squats etc... on top of doing a treadmill walk/jog this morning... and oh my god are my legs telling me all about it now.  I suspect that I wont be walking too well tomorrow, but you gotta love that feeling!  7 weeks to go!


Magda said...

Love your gorgeous kidlets Hilary. Can relate to the sore legs as mine were SCREEEEEAMING last week. LOL. Love the holiday countdown :-)


momto8blog said...

your children are beautiful!! isn't it amazing how easy it is to count our blessings?!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Pip said...

Gorgeous kids and dresses! Cherish those moment, the holiday is coming up :-) x

Hilary said...

Oh Magda, I think its a love/hate relationship with leg DOMS isn't it? Not so fun :)

Yes you are so right momto8blog, will check out your blog now - thanks for following!

Thank you Pip, yes the holiday will be here before I know it!