Tuesday, August 21, 2012

8 weeks

The thing about an upcoming holiday, is the flurry of activity that precedes it.

Fiji is less than 8 weeks away.

I lie awake at night sometimes, mentally coming up with about a zillion different things that I need to remember to do.

Find out about the power plugs… don’t forget to pack insect repellant… I wonder how much cash we’ll need… I hope the cat will be ok while we’re away… I wonder if I should take an umbrella…

 It falls to me to do all this… thinking… my husband just turns up. Seriously, he just packs his bag the day before, and leaves the rest to chance. Or, to be more precise, he leaves the rest to me. Why worry about all the nitty gritty when you’ve got a wife to do all the worrying for you?

So, I’m a list maker. Its just the way I am – and I feel a great deal better about things once I’ve started ticking things off the list. Chances are I’ll then add another 2 things to the list, but at least we’re getting somewhere.

But one big thing that we’ve both talked about, is the fact that we’re going to be on a beach holiday with friends. We don’t want to look horrible or pudgy in our swimsuits.

I’ve even bought a new bikini to wear (and may buy another one too before we leave) so I’m really needing to make a few changes here.

Now that Koby is sleeping through the night (touch wood!) and so am I, and I have been able to eat “normally” again, I need to get back into some regular exercise. I have seriously fallen off the wagon in this respect – I mean, I’m sorry, but when you’re utterly exhausted for months on end, well, I can tell you – I aint gonna train. Or eat well, for that matter.

But things are much better now, and I’ve been making some inroads to my fitness again. Largely thanks to gluten-free, I’ve lost all the “baby weight”, and in fact I did my skinfolds the other day and wasn’t too horrified with a 22% bodyfat reading. I reckon about 5kgs is about all I need to make me feel less “wobbly-mummy” and more “yummy mummy-ish”

Time to lift some heavy weights, throw some kettlebells around and get back on the treadmill again.  And make better food choices. 

So watch this space – bikini body here we come!!


The cubby house

The cubby house has really taken shape over the last few weeks. New attractions have been added and built, daddy has slaved tirelessly to create this playground, this amazing space, for two very lucky kids.  As a final touch (for now), we have spray painted one side pink and one side blue - in time we will add a sign overhead, stating that this is "Skye and Koby's cubby".

Here's the entire structure:

I cannot wait to see them playing here with their little friends - I'm sure it will provide many years of laughter and enjoyment.    

My boots  

I love winter.  I love winter in Queensland especially.  It never really gets cold, some nights do get a bit cool-ish, but the days are still around 20 degrees C and gloriously sunny - nothing to complain about here.  Mind you, if it drops below 25 degrees I usually put a jumper on.   

What I also love about winter is jeans and boots.  I have these favourite boots that I got a few months ago, and I wear them just about every day.  I love them.  Is that a shallow thing to say?  That I love my boots?  

I'm actually going to be really sad when winter is over and it'll be too hot to wear them!  So soft and leathery, and comfy.  Boots that make you feel good, and are comfortable enough to wear all day long, are a beautiful thing.  So I'm gonna keep wearing them for as long as I can!  

Its the simple things that make me happy!


Magda said...

Three cheers for beautiful, comfy boots. I, too have a favourite pair and they get worn every weekend and sometimes to work. Looking good Hilary!!!

linda said...

20 degrees down here and I'm all for getting out the shorts and thongs!!!

Hilary said...

Thanks Magda, gotta love comfy boots eh?

Oh Linda, thats still too cold for me!! No wonder you keep heading to the tropics!