Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Its beautiful to watch, this budding relationship between my two babes. Skye is at a ripe age to want to look after her big brother. She wants to help mama out and be a big girl. And that means doing things for Koby. Whenever I change his nappy, she has to be there to “help”. She wants to hold his sippy cup up for him to drink, or give him a dummy if he's crying. She wants to feed him, pat his arm before he goes down for a nap, and help him up when he falls over.

If I dare to put my little Klingon down and walk away, he screams like the world is going to end, and wails like his heart is breaking. But if I put him down and say Skye “can you come and make Koby laugh?” – well, I tend to get a good 10 minutes in the kitchen so I can get dinner started. And my added reward is hearing the two of them giggling at each other – Skye pulling faces, making funny noises or playing peekaboo with him, just to make him chuckle. Sometimes all he needs is to see HER laughing, and he’s off, chortling away with her.

Mind you, he is easy to please - Koby thinks sneezes are hilarious, and blowing raspberries or making vomiting sounds is the funniest thing on the planet.

The other day in the backseat of the car, something set them off. They sat there, peering around at each other in their baby seats, giggling their heads off for the entire car journey. I think my heart just exploded with emotion right then and there. Hubby and I exchanged glances that clearly said “This is so… cool”… I wish I’d had a video camera there to capture it.

I did manage to photograph something on my iphone the other day though, which I shared on instagram (@hilh). We were driving home, when I heard a quiet little giggle, and a “mummy!”. I stole a quick glance and saw this:

Awww… tear… (sniffle). Had to pull over at the bottom of my street (we were almost home) to get a photo.

Someone is about to get their nose 'honked'...


I love the expression on his face here - this might sound strange, but I can ALMOST see the 'grown-up Koby' that he will become, in this photo.
At the moment they have a Love-Love relationship. They both adore each other, and I cant even express how ‘warm and fuzzy’ that makes me feel.

I know that will change, but for now, its so beautiful that they love each other and can already share special little moments, a secret language, that only they understand.


Magda said...


:-) m

Sandra said...

Oh Hils, they are gorgeous...when Cassie was a baby of about six months, I remember she'd be on her high chair or bouncer and she would hear Maddie come into the room and just the sound of her voice was enough to send her into a fit of squeals...thanks for bringing back memories. Happy to report that at 14 and 17 they are still close. It was Maddie's birthday last week and Cassie bought two matching rings and had them engraved with the word "Sisters" along the top and their initials on the inside...makes my heart sing :)

Hilary said...

Thanks Magda, quite lovely watching it from this end too :)

Oh Sandra thats so good to hear! Most siblings that I know, ended up hating each other, at least for a few years! Hopefully we can avoid that - but even if we cant, its nice to see them playing nicely for now. In many ways I'm sad that Skye will never know that "sisterly bond" that your girls have.