Monday, September 24, 2012

This week:

This week, we are:

Learning to ride

The trike. Over the last few months she has been valiantly learning to ride, learning to pedal and steer and watch where she is going. Not an easy combination when you break it down really. With her “concentration tongue” peeping out of the corner of her mouth, the frustration has been monumental. She has given up in disgust several times, pouty lip protruding (my mum used to call it the “bulldozer lip” when I was a little one) - the trike pushed aside, left to gather dust in favour of easier, more familiar activities.

Our driveway is long and smooth concrete, but sloped, and not easy for a two and a half year old to negotiate. She has recently tried again on the level concrete path beside the house with greater success. She goes well until she rides past the lounge room windows, with their tinted glass. Then she catches a glimpse of herself in the reflection, and its game over. So intent on grinning at herself in the reflection, she steers straight into the window!

Dreaming about scooters
  A while back, we visited some friends who have some little girls, slightly older than Skye.

The “in” thing at this house was to tear around the front yard and driveway on your scooter – complete with helmet, knee and elbow pads.

Little miss muffett thought this was the coolest thing ever, and at the first opportunity, grabbed a spare scooter and started having a go.

And now, at every opportunity, she's sure to say:

Maybe Santa will bring me a scooter if I’m a good girl!”

Little does she know, Santa has already delivered it, and its under our bed. :)  Cant wait to see her face on Christmas Day.

Creating random toddler works of art

The other day I was sitting at the computer doing some boring MYOB stuff, and little miss muffett asked if she could sit on my lap. So she clambered on board, and while I kept working, she did some drawings, right under my nose.

For a few minutes I wasn’t paying any attention, but after a while I began to be aware of what she was doing, and took note of my little one expressing herself with pen and paper. 4 post-it notes, 2 hot pink, and 2 flouro orange… and she scribbled, and scribbled, and all the while she was counting out loud to herself:

“seven, eight, nine, ten… eleventeen… twelveteen… … …thirteen… (umm)…twenteen…”

I love how she counts to 10 with confidence, but from there up it gets much more thoughtful and creative.

Trying out her left hand here... normally she uses her right.

Looking apprehensive...

Both sets of grandmothers go a little bit ga-ga over how cute they think their little grandson is... I must admit I'm guilty of thinking he's a bit of a spunk, myself.  I often think he's quite a serious young man, but this photo does seem to show him looking a little apprehensive I think!

In other news, I'm still sick.  Tonsills and glands still swollen - now onto vitamin C and Omega 3's. Completely.Over.It... and fed up.  Would like to be able to swallow without pain.  There, one very small paragraph of moaning, and I'm done.  Proud of me?

With 3 weeks to go until Fiji, I'm also in the process of dropping Koby's feeds, with the plan to have him fully weaned off nursing before we leave.  So far so good, he's completely lost interest anyway and would much rather wriggle, squirm, get off my lap and crawl around the floor, and stuff himself with large quantities of solid foods.  Seriously, this kid can eat.   I have a feeling that he will be eating us out of house and home LONG before he's a teenager.

Also, upper body muscles feeling lovely and sore - I love feeling sore in my biceps, triceps and shoulders... HATE it in lower body though!  Possibly why I have been avoiding leg training lately - eeek!

Time to wrap this up, sounds like a big storm is about to hit.



Pip said...

Hi Hilary,

Skye and Koby are SOOOO cute!!! Skye looks and must sound very bright for her age too.

Sorry to hear about the sore throat and glands. Hope you feel much better soon! x

Sandra said...

Only 3 weeks til Fiji!!! Yay! Take good care of yourself so you can enjoy every minute :)

Love the photo of Koby wearing a necklace LOL My youngest brother had gorgeous big green eyes and curly black hair, very pretty for a boy - my sister and I used to paint his nails and put ribbons in his hair ... pity it was before the age of phones with cameras in them so we have no record...but whenever the three of us are together, we still manage to remind him of his cross dressing past...:D :D

Hilary said...

Hi Pip, I think Skye is quite "verbal" for her age, but not sure if she is actually bright, or just extremely talkative!

Lol Sandra, I'm sure that will happen here too! Skye already wants to put lipgloss on him, so I can just imagine the horrors she will put him through in future. Koby's necklace is actually a Baltic Amber Teething Necklace, awesome for teething babies :)